Sunday, September 21, 2008

About Me: My Desktop

As title said... Here's my desktop look like.

Simple and there's nothing in it (except recycle bin)
I place the start menu bar above because i find it more comfortable than placing it below. On the bottom right there is a Rainmeter skin (Chronicle Skin(By Sensitiveknife),I modded it a bit). Right form start menu, there is a menu, like it said, connecting to all shortcut to my most used program,etc...). For the Windows theme itself, I used HmmXP (By: Fugacious)


Frostroses said...

I want that theme sooo muuch, but what kind of OS you use for that theme??

Hourai Ningyou said...

I'm using Windows XP.... Japanese version. Don't bother to use this OS though... i can't run pascal/delphi/C++ here (kkcfunc problem, and i still don't know how to fix it)
Seems the main problem is because japanese windows has different ascii mapping method than standard english windows (each char is saved in 2 bytes format rather than 1 bytes it normally use)

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