Saturday, September 20, 2008

About me: introduction

Ok, this is my first post on my first blog...
Nothing to fancy about it, this will likely be a blog talking about my daily rant and impression of things that happens to me.

About me:
(for you who don't even bother clicking the "about me" sidebar)

My real name is Yugatha Ivanno (yeah... an odd name, do a simple google search and only find 1 other "yugatha" name). Also... Please by any mean call me Hourai, i hate to be called by my real name on the Internet as much as many of you do.
Currently Living in Indonesia and attending a college called iSTTS (institut Sains Terapan dan Teknologi Surabaya). Specifically, I'm attending it's Informatics Technology.
I have Interest in Anime, Game,and some other thing. For anime, I mainly watch Action and Drama (as of late, I don't watch anything because there's nothing good to watch). For game... I played a lot of things and enjoy them all, except sports game... For my favorite game now, it's the Touhou Series (for you who don't know what is this, i will make a post for this later...)

Well, that's it for now.


hikarianna said...

hohoho, keep posting :)
enjoyyy ur blog :p

Joshua Fernaldy said...

Hai perkenalkan namaku joshua

Aku mau download ecojp, namun selalu stuck ditengah jalan entah stuck entah vpn disconnected. Aku mau minta tolong untuk kirimin DVD buat ecojp bisa?
ada contact person?

tolong ya hehehe
many thank

Joshua Fernaldy said...

kalo gimana mau jawab email aja ya:


Hourai Etealune said...

@joshua: replied

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