Friday, October 10, 2008

Magical Battle Arena - Lyrical Pack Announced

A bit info for Magical Battle Arena
For you who don't know what the hell is this, read my friend's blog
For the upcoming C75, Fly System has announced the release of the pack called "lyrical Pack" for MBA (Thanks for MS for the info). The pack contain new arena/field and 3 additional character from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. One of them is confirmed to be Yagami Hayate.

The uber powerful Hayate,I wonder what skill will She have in the game.....

Quick update, second character confirmed to be Vita

I feel that it'll be fun to use Vita against Ruru

For the third character... Rumor said it will be Nanoha in her 18 years old version. I don't really know whether this is true or not.

Oh yeah.... anyone know what kind of editor did they use? I kind of want to try it out.

This one...

Source (Japanese)


sonic_ver2 said...

I hope one of the other 2 characters is Teana Lanster.

Hourai Ningyou said...

I do hope so but......

for a several reason, it's highly unlikely that she will perform.

1. They used Nanoha A's as reference.
2. Any new character from Striker'S can't fly (and i don't think making bridge counts as flying)

Based on the fact above.... it's most likely Teana won't appear... Which Leave Signum,Vita,Shamal (highly unlikely) and Reinforce to be a potent candidate.

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