Monday, November 24, 2008

Speakers Vs Headphones

Quite an old topic, really...

Today me and my friends discussing a bit about headphone and speaker. I said that at the same price, headphones would do better than speaker (assuming that it's the best buy for that price), and he said otherwise...

Now to compare:

Hearing range:
neither of them are winner, it depends on your musical needs. Speaker lets the hearer and everyone around him to hear what to her, whether if they want to hear it or not, in contrast, Headphones only giving sound to one who had the headphones, and not other people even they want to hear it (well, maybe it could, a bit, if you set it loud enough). this is the basic difference between headphones and speaker, if you don't even know this, just read anything else. Like... kindergarten's book?

Speaker of course. With speaker you don't need to be entangled in wire and weighing your head with a heavy headphones. just lay down on sofa or something, grab your snack and enjoy.

Area of hearing:
Headphones... hand down, in many ways. You can bring your headphones everywhere you want. No, I'm not talking about portability, I'm talking about area where you can get the best sound quality. If you have speaker for quite a while, you will know that there's a "sweet spot" where the speaker will sound best, and that's the one that confine you. You can't move around getting the best sound with speaker while headphones will always sound best wherever you are, as long you get it equipped.

Musical detail:
Since we are talking about the same price range, Headphones are definitely win. You will need to pay a LOT more to get the same fidelity from speaker than headphones. for a comparison, a 100$ headphones will have higher fidelity than most speaker in 100-300/400$ range.

Since 5.1 speaker can create a surround sound they will surely win!. That's what you thought? Ok, you're mistaken... for some surround sound, especially 3D audio generated by computer, headphones will do much more than your speaker. You have two ears (sorry, if you think you have more than two), so by default, you can only hear difference by right and left. You can tell whether the sound come from front back, up etc, is by processing the complex differences in phase, time delay and frequency balance (it's done automatically by your brain, you don't need to think about it).3D game audio uses Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) algorithms to fake the effects of the pinnae, the head and various listening environments, so that injecting the sound straight into the ear canal can produce the impression of real 3D audio sources. It's impossible to do this with speaker, since they will let the sound that's only intended to your right ears go through left ears and vice versa.
For music, they use what called "binaural recording, using 2 hi-fi microphone which located at dummy ear. well, picture will save me from explaining it.

this is used to record the frequency shift which happened because the sound is being reflected in your pinnae. With this, headphones can emulate the surround sound as much as possible.

If you don't know, speaker and earphone can deliver same quality of bass. well, why speaker is more favorable in this area? this is the culprit:

A "bass shaker"

This thing is the one that makes the speaker can shake your limp. This "bass shaker" is the one who make the air around you (and yourself) shaken, which headphones don't have.

Overall, I enjoy using headphones more than speaker. The rest is based on your personal enjoyment, it's a subjective matter, really. If you love speaker, then go for it, vice versa.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toys & comic Convention Malang

Okay, I attend the Toy& comic convention at Malang

Nothing good there, which make me quite disappointed.
Items that's being sold there are very common, there are no item that can really caught my attention.

ok, there's one that's caught my attention, not that the item is rare or something, it's just that it have a good decoration/background around it. Shame that's inside an acrylic display box, though, so the light goes in the way.

accidentally make a blurred pic due to wrong camera setting, but i find this quite amuzing .....

Currently in Malang and I don't have any internet connection to leisurely writing post, so I'll take my leave now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Layout Change

Well, not much, I just change layout a bit due to the changing mood.
Nothing new, though... currently busy with many project. I'll post something new whenever I have time for that.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok, just for random thought of this day. I was surprised that out of my class, only 1-2 people know about burn-in for earphones/headphones/speaker.

Burn-in is, roughly speaking, to maximize your earphones/headphones/speaker's sound by wore it off... something like, you have a new pair of shoes... at the time of first using it, it will feel kind of stiff. you must wear it for some time that it will have the flexibility and comfortability in using it. This is the same with your earphones/headphones/speaker. At first they may sound good, but that's it. It's still new out of box. It's capability haven't maximized because the membrane (one that produce sound) is still stiff.

Burn-in procedure is quite easy, but maybe boring. You just need to use your earphones/headphones/speaker for a long time (most earphones/headphones/speaker use more than 100+ hour), using sound as loud or a bit more than you usually heard.Setting the sound too high will destroy your earphones/headphones/speaker, and too low won't make any progress to your burn-in. Some people will use their favorite song to burn it, others will use some kind of noise, the most popular one is White and Pink noise. I myself using pink/white noise most of the time. But, for some people, they will find that using that kind of noise will make the sound feel "unnatural", that's differ from each person, though, since everything about sound and music are very subjective matter of like/dislike.

As far as I know, there's no science that proof whether this is true or false. Some people even said that burn-in didn't affect the performance of earphones/headphones/speaker at all, some said otherwise. For me, it works quite wonders. Then, once again, this depend solely on your ears, not mine.

Oh, and burning speaker is kind of sucks... I never do that.I'm only do burn-in to my earphones/headphones. Burn-in speaker using pink/white noise inside my room for 200++hour will drive me crazy.

You can download pink/white/ any other generated sounds used in burn-in at It also has some explanation about what kind of sound it will generate and what will be affected by it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Satsuki Yuasa (Action Figure)

After a few week of waiting i finally get my Satsuki Yuasa action figure from Rainbowten. This is a really old item (2003), the game itself has been published in 28/11/2003. This one is made from resin.
Why i bother looking for it? Well, I'm a big fans of Satsuki Yuasa. She is the main heroine in the Routes, a Visual Novel developed by Aquaplus. This was one of their unpopular game, so i highly doubt you ever heard about it. Regardless that, I have bought almost everything that related to it.

Satsuki Yuasa

I'm using Rainbowten since that's the only official place I can found that sell the figure (and no... I don't use eBay) This is the last one there, too (other companies have alreday been out of it years ago). So this is the item when I first opened it.

The box.

Manual and Photo

Main item, 17 parts

Uh, yeah, it's doesn't come painted, not even ready to be painted, actually... I must do everything myself. Unfortunately, my hobby kit is in Malang (including the airbrush, etc). So, the most I can do here is preparing it so that it can be painted when I come back to Malang. Cutter, Nail Clipper, and Sandpaper would suffice to prepare it before painting.

I'm thinking about using enamel for painting this, or Acrylic, if I'm forced to do so (using Tamiya Color enamel or Tamiya Color Acrylic respectively). The manual actually included which color do I need to mix to paint it. Unfortunately, no more specific mention of what kind of paint did it use (how the heck i know what color is "character skin color 1" or "character skin color 2"?). luckily, I can use the unused part (ex: frame) to test it before I start to fully paint it.

While it seems it's inconvenient to paint it myself, I sometimes prefer the unpainted one like this. It gives me the freedom of what kind of color did I like to use, shading, detail, etc. I'm bad at painting eyes though, and I think I will need a 0.1mm brush point to paint that accurately.

And I don't exactly have time to polish it. There are too many works to be done.... T_T