Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toys & comic Convention Malang

Okay, I attend the Toy& comic convention at Malang

Nothing good there, which make me quite disappointed.
Items that's being sold there are very common, there are no item that can really caught my attention.

ok, there's one that's caught my attention, not that the item is rare or something, it's just that it have a good decoration/background around it. Shame that's inside an acrylic display box, though, so the light goes in the way.

accidentally make a blurred pic due to wrong camera setting, but i find this quite amuzing .....

Currently in Malang and I don't have any internet connection to leisurely writing post, so I'll take my leave now.


KisenoSky said...

Owh... I can't believe there another ppl write bout this event >.<

I also write it here!

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