Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Magical battle arena - Youtube demo

I know that this thing has been around for a while, but I'm too busy to make some post...

hm....Let's see...

She got her Atem des something, Hræsvelgr, and diabolic emission.
Atem des something (sorry, can't figure it out.... >.<): her icy cube, StrikerS eps 2;
Hræsvelgr ('corpse Swallower'): her 5 circle shooting, a big one at center, and 4 more surrounding it , StrikerS eps 11,
Diabolic emission: I love this one, create a giant sphere of darkness.

She got her spinning hammer (plus rocket booster and drill), iron hockey thingie, and gigant hammer.

A bit unclear here, maybe 'ACS Strike', Blaster 3, Divine buster (+ her funnel) , Starlight Breaker comboed by Break Shoot

okay, i forgot many thing regarding their skill name, so please figure it yourself :P

I won't be around when they release this pack, but I'll try to contact someone who might be able to get this one for me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Toymagz Fair : day one

Today I'm attending a fair located at Pakuwon Trade Center, Surabaya.
Not much to say, but I'm quite dissapointed with this one......

Like Malang's toy & comicfest was not bad enough, this is worse than that, a very small stage, nothing special, and I didn't find even a single thing that will entertain me.

Well, I was there with my friends, so It's not really that boring, but still I think that it's not good enough to make me excited in anyway. Not to mention that I have no more money left.... poor me.

anyway, one of my friend in Bali asked me to get Keroro Gunsou's keychain (Similar to the one that's used by Tsukasa at Lucky Star does), 2.5 US$ each....

I myself went and buy a very cheap, unknown item at 4$ (okay, look, I have no money to buy anything, even 4 US$ is killing me at this time). Nothing special, I just always buy something from every event I attend as a mean of keepsake.

not bad for a 4$ thing

And that's it, I'll add more thing later, and probably tomorrow too......

I forgot to (re)mention this, but I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER BY ANY MEANS. I only give a picture i take as representative of what I'm writing at that time. So don't go mailing me about how bad my pic were taken (I get several regarding this blog...)

1. I'm using a Nikon Coolpix 5200, an old, pocket camera, which can easily be surpassed even by Handphone's built in camera. And no, I don't have SLR camera or such.

2. I'm only using photoshop just for rescaling and cropping the pic, the image itself is as is, and I'm not using any image enhancement to modify it. No brightness change, no noise reduction, etc.

Ok, that's it, I love to collect AF's but I have almost no interest in taking photo of that. I have almost no interest nor talent in photography to begin with.
My blog is not the place where I post about photography, Just go somewhere else if you want it. This is not the place.