Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Magical battle arena - Youtube demo

I know that this thing has been around for a while, but I'm too busy to make some post...

hm....Let's see...

She got her Atem des something, Hræsvelgr, and diabolic emission.
Atem des something (sorry, can't figure it out.... >.<): her icy cube, StrikerS eps 2;
Hræsvelgr ('corpse Swallower'): her 5 circle shooting, a big one at center, and 4 more surrounding it , StrikerS eps 11,
Diabolic emission: I love this one, create a giant sphere of darkness.

She got her spinning hammer (plus rocket booster and drill), iron hockey thingie, and gigant hammer.

A bit unclear here, maybe 'ACS Strike', Blaster 3, Divine buster (+ her funnel) , Starlight Breaker comboed by Break Shoot

okay, i forgot many thing regarding their skill name, so please figure it yourself :P

I won't be around when they release this pack, but I'll try to contact someone who might be able to get this one for me.


Wheat said...

Hayate also has mysteltain as her third move and Ragnarok as her ultimate move. She's useless since she can't do a double dash and worst at melee battle. Kirara will kick her butt 4 sure...

Vita has rocketer form as her first move and rocketer hammer as her ultimate move.

NanohaS has ECS Driver as her first move. Divine buster as her second. And Limiter Break as her third (changed into blaster two and blaster three if used many times) improving her divine buster's damage a lot but gradually decrease nanoha's HP over time. Triple Starlight Breaker (that's not the name but she does three SBs) and something that she used on teana on strikers as her ultimate move.

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