Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nendoroid - Hatsune Miku

Normally, I don't do any photoshoot, nor even think about it. Well, this time it's a special case. My friend request me to do that, in exchange that I can get in touch with someone who sells this nendoroid Miku.

I've already warned him that I absolutely have no skill in this area, and he say "just do it" -_-a. Well, I can't argue with him. It's an easy thing in exchange for this nendoroid. that's to say, this is my first time doing this (and thanks to my friend, XPhile for lending me his tripod).

Since this is not my area of expertise, don't expect too much from me. If you do have any comment, feel free to do so. There might be more case that He will ask me to do something similar again, I don't know, also, if I can get more skill with this, why not? learning more never hurts.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Audiophile-id East Java - May gathering-

Actually, there's a few more gathering between this and last post, but there's nothing new there, so, I won't bother writing about that. This time, there's many new item, and almost all members comes, so it's time to post it again.
All pic posted here is from Xphile.

Left to right:Xphile, Shiroa, Pitom, Diboy, Alvon, nagnecagn, Antidote, Hourai Ningyou, RayZLight