Saturday, May 9, 2009

Audiophile-id East Java - May gathering-

Actually, there's a few more gathering between this and last post, but there's nothing new there, so, I won't bother writing about that. This time, there's many new item, and almost all members comes, so it's time to post it again.
All pic posted here is from Xphile.

Left to right:Xphile, Shiroa, Pitom, Diboy, Alvon, nagnecagn, Antidote, Hourai Ningyou, RayZLight

Headphones, and amps, the last pic is the table where we roll opamps.

Senheisser HD414, too bright for my taste.

diboy, listening to Grado SR60, well, some of you might already know this guy.

My own Amps, Zigis, using D2 Viper's opamp, it's sound is freakishly good when paired with etymotic ER4S.

Soul Mini, with 3 opamps and 1 buffer. Good sound, but too pricey which is not worth it.

Random conversation by diboy :
"promonya ada apa aja mbak"
"ada promo buy 1 get 1 ama upsize"
"yang promo dapet mbaknya ada ga ?"
(blushing, and then starting to chat with random topic)
"paling enak kalo mau nonton beli minum di sini dulu.. trus nonton"
"o0o jadi kalo mau nonton beli minum di sini.. dapet mbaknya..."
(blushing again)

That's it for now. Off topic note, I'm still unsure what kind of blog this blog will be. Some friends suggests that I should make this blog reviewing about Touhou music, well, that's not a bad idea, since funkies is broken and nowhere to be found. I'll try to make some, and see how well it goes.


Jodi W. Brown said...

Hey...i ve finally ordered the reo's and have ordered a fiio e5 amp to go alongwith it..will keep u posted on how it performs..thanks again.amplifikatör

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