Sunday, January 16, 2011

Emil Chronicle Online: Introduction to Elemental System

In every game that adopt elemental features,  it almost always have some rules stating that every elements bounds to have strengths and weaknesses against other elements.
In ECO, there are six elements in total, namely  Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark.
They corresponds to each other like this:

simply said:
  • fire wins against water,
  • water wins against earth,
  • earth wins against wind,
  • wind wins against fire,
  • darkness wins against fire, earth, water and wind
  • light wins against darkness
  • fire, earth, water and wind wins against light.

It's like a matter of rock-paper-scissors game. there's no such thing like the ultimate elements that win against every single elements. Instead, they has their own limitation.
Before iris update, these elements doesn't really matter that much, since it doesn't do much difference in term of damage. But after iris update, this feature become a pretty big deals since exploitation of elements have been boosted greatly. 

In this post, i will briefly explain about how this system works.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reviving Old Blog.....

time to be active again......