Thursday, December 29, 2011

Marionest Tips 01: Equipping Your Weapon of Choice

Starting from now on, I'll sporadically adding some tips for marionest, mostly for MAG variant, since that's what I am.
First and most important thing we should care about is of course, our equipment. We’ll need an equipment which we can use and have M.Atk stat embedded to it, which bring us to….

[Iron Fan]…. Which have 45 M.Atk.

This weapon kinda lacking in M.Atk. Also, there’s an*idiom that said “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, while we looked at other job’s weapon, [Book of the end] 91 M.Atk, that alone is enough to rival [Iron Fan +9]. It can be used with gardener brooch, so we may as well test it.

It’s worse

The problem lies in the bonus job, as with marionest, we have +14 MAG, and gardener +1 MAG, that 13 MAG penalty is more than it’s worth for weapon.
There’s a way to “Trick” it, though….

1. First, call someone which have gardener brooch on herself. Don’t make a party with her

2. Set it to self possessing at her brooch

3. Take it, so your job is now gardener

4. Set your desirable weapon (and armor and shield, if you prefer)

5. Take instance dungeon quest, whichever’s fine

6. Enter the ruins portal, remember, you must not in the same party with your possession.


7. Your possession should be left out outside the ruins, your job reverted back to marionest

With a book on your hand as bonus

Now you can go out from ruins, equip any other thing if you wish, as long you don’t remove your “incompatible” equips and/or gardener/breeder brooch. Remember that you can only do this trick with equipment that can also be used by Gardener, no weapon/equip for 99+ for you, but nevertheless, it’s far better than using iron fan for your life to 110

Meanwhile on the outside…

That's for today's tips, if you have any question or comment, feel free to ask.

PS: "It's not a bug; it's an undocumented feature!"

Thank you~
~Hourai Etealune~


ilutiern said...

Hahaha it really is worse T_____T

Very useful guide for MATKers, though it's too bad supporters don't have this "feature" to get more MATK too orz

Hourai Etealune said...

Oh hi there potato ( '')/
I believe this trick is applicable in more than using books for matk. For example, as gambler, you might want to equip high level shield if you want, or knight's armor for extra defense.

Fenrisúlfr said...

Now that's a cool trick... I mean undocumented feature ;P. Gonna try this when my farmer switches to Mario o3o. Thanks for the tip Hourai =3

Xavier Bennet said...

hai kak hourai! aku suka banget baca blog kakak apalagi tentang marionestnya
tapi sayangnya aku agak2 lemot dan gatau apa2 TT_TT ditambah ga punya temen yang maen marionest TT_TT

pengen nanya dong kak! itu marionest kakak udah job 50 kah? dan aku ada alchemist level 70 dengan status yang belom diapa2in sama sekali dan skill yang belom disentuh sedikit pun :<

aku bingung kak,
1. skill apa yang harus aku bawa dari alche ke mario?
2. apakah level 70-an ke marionest ga bisa hunt? soalnya ada rumor marionest mag itu harus digebe sampe level 90-an + job 50...
maap ya kalo banyak nanya TT

makasih ya kak! :D

Hourai Etealune said...

@xavier Bennet:
Gw lv 110, final nya di marionest[mag]

1. biasanya yang wajib itu first aid dan sweep attack, sisanya sesuai selera

2. siapa suruh mag dari awal >.>
marionest itu sampe job 50 dapet king disarankan tipe str dulu, setelah dapet king, baru aman untuk reset ke mag.
standardnya sih alche 30 -> marion 30 -> alche 50 -> marion 50. baru setelah marion 50 km reset jadi tipe mag.

gw sampe lv 102 itu dapetnya main solo pake merciless blow doang. baru setelah fix en merasa kuat + punya semua skill baru jadi mag. mag itu untuk build akhir banget. hunt mending tipe str.

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