Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Connecting to ECOJP - Alternative version

Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, it's not that I'm retired, I'm friggin' busy with job and such. I gotten report from few players that their tsunagarumon account got blocked and/or they are lagging quite bad. I'm not a customer service o3o. 

Anyway, it's a "follow up guide" for the previous post about connecting into ECOJP. This method needs you to pay (well, not really paying, with some data wipeout + multiple email you can just maybe extend the subscription infinitely, though if you're blocked from creating multiple account, i won't be holding any responsibility for it)

There's several advantadge to use this method, such as:
+ noticeably less lagging than tsunagarumon
+ no disconnect after 3 hours, so you can just afk ing like good old times
+ the connection use different channel from your normal browsing, so your browsing won't be slowed down due to vpn usage
+ more globally accepted, such as, there's fewer people who got error using this method compared with using tsunagarumon

and come with several disadvantadges:
- well, you need to pay using paypal, except you're being naughty and just change the email every month  They changed on how registration work when i wrote this. Alternatively, if you're in indonesia, you can purchase the voucher using debit card (BCA or such) via Hitengaming, thanks to shin for the information
 - except you can't use tsunagarumon to recconect, oftentimes you must change your IE's proxy address

 Pic unrelated, but it's cute so it's fine o3o

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to play Emil Chronicle Online - Japanese Server

Updated version: 5 June 2013

Updated version: 13 April 2014

Since most of non-japan Emil Chronicle Online got closed, I got a swarm of ppl asking on how to play on eco jp. Well it's not that hard to register and play, but nevertheless, not easy either.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[ECO] Selling Things

Long story short, I chat with my friend and he end up asking why people buying pirate oath at outrageous price. It seems odd to me that he doesn't know how the npc's pricing. Then i ask him, where did you sell all your item, he said that he throw it on acropolis's guild merchant, and the unsoldable one to trash bin *insert facepalm*. After some asking here and there, it seems many people also don't know about it.

Well, for you who don't know, NPC's in ECO actually have different pricing rate and selling caps, depends on where do you sell it. Here I will mention some of it. There might be more somewhere, but just search for it yourself.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Does what I do really illegal?

Following the other page, someone write something like this on one of my game edit:

"I must say I dont like your statement about illegal/legal stuff. I believe that the licenses and agreements page are stated on installer page. And it was already a common sense recompile/decompile activities is illegal.
You dont have to think its legal just because the rule page isnt there. You know what you do is wrong but pretend that your doing is not wrong.
" - ignoreme

 Of course, it's wrong ethically, I know. But it may or may not illegal depending on how you read the rule. For the longest time It have very big loophole that I can exploit and get away with it.

[ECO] EX Motion

Well, to put it simply, I'm bored. 
Since I have a bit of time in my hand, I decided to extract ECOjp and get the ex motion data and integrate it to our ECOid. It's a shame that we'll get it at saga 14, which may take roughly 2 years from now on.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Any Jobs (?) Can Hunt at Abyss

Well this one is not really guide. Just my concern about hunting in abyss nowadays. With fighter type build, literally *anyone* can hunt at abyss. In this example, I went hunting with my friend. A sorcerer - spelluser intended for using magic, taking up a laser blade and hunting at abyss Jedi style.

Friday, June 22, 2012

[ECO] Emil Chronicle Indonesia's Monster List

I'll keep this post short,
Time to time, I've been asked about monster's data. Well, I -do- have one, but never really share it except you ask for it. I got a spare time this weekend, so I think it's a good idea to share it on my blog.

Image in this picture is property of もいこ taken without permission o3o

Thursday, June 7, 2012

[ECO] getting godly stat bonus temporarily

By request of some people asking on how to get godly stat on arena, it's actually pretty easy.
Note: this is bug, I don't really recommend you using this, but whatever, bug is also a feature :D , if you want to use this go ahead.

Touch me and you'll dead in second.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tips: Raising your pet's stat easily

Well, an update after quite a while.
Several people have asked me how do I level my pet. Of course, there's many method available, and I love to keep some of it myself (I'm not that kind to give out all my secret :D).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Etealune Halted, busy for work :(

As the title said, I can't really messing around that much nowadays. Been busy with work and everything.
My personal project for [MMD x ECO] will be halted for a while.

In the meantime, it's about 70% done,  here's the summary what I've done, starting from the oldest, to the latest.

1st Trial:
Using Frapps to capture about 30 seconds of my project, still messed up everywhere. The reason i use this motion is because  it have very minimal movement. My skirt physics is still far from adequate.

Friday, February 17, 2012


For anyone who wondering why I didn't online for about 2 weeks: I'm busy. 
It's more than likely I'll be rarely online until next saga comes.
In the mean times currently I'm trying out about how to import my ECO char into MMD so that I can do *many* things on it. The progress is going smoothly, though sadly due to my schedule I can't do this project all day long. I already able to take the mess, texture, and implement the bone. All that's left is integrate it into PMD/MMD (for some obvious reason, it still can't move in PMD)

The bread and eyes isn't implemented yet.... well, let that slide.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ECO - Managing Option Setting

Several days ago I went to my friend's house who also plays ECO, and end up giving him some troubleshooting =3=. He complains that even with only two windows active, he got a pretty bad slow motion. His pc is by no means a strongest pc in the world, but also not that old, either. When I see His ECO, it appears that he maxed out all of it's option.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Marionest Tips 03: Dealing against reflection

This video has been in my Youtube channel for a month, but apparently, I forgot to put it in my blog

 My friend, Seto, asked me where to hunt after level 100 for Marionest Mag. He worried about enemies that have reflection skill.
Actually, for Marionest, reflection skill isn't something to be feared of. There's several way to disable it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Marionest Tips 02: Marionette's special feature

For marionest, Marionette system is crucial for battle but sometimes, it's more than just "more stats and added elemental armor"
Several marionette have special feature that prevent damage loss from special weather like cold, The game didn't say it, but it's hinted by npc Elina (if you read one, anyway)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Trying a New Face

Well, it's actually will be implemented at saga 14.
We will get IM that can change our face (finally ;_;)

Of course, since it was being overly cute, I can't resist to try it out at myself
We don't have that face yet, so I'll need to implant that myself (many thanks to my friend, Torti and Filli which helps me accomplish this >.<)

Friday, January 6, 2012

A (Lazy) way to train catty's M.Atk

As you all might know, to train pet's Matk is by letting it cast some kind of skill.

This is not a big problem (well, maybe big) for people who have skill to command their pet to cast skill, but definitely a problem for one who dont, especially when dealing against catty.

Pets will only cast skill to you autonomously if you're getting hit by something, or at least being aggro'ed by monster, if it's not on battle condition, it will not help you at all.

There's a way to "bot" catty so it constantly cast it's skill to you. What you will need is a Cabalist/necro with Fanatic Shadow skill. Here's the step to do it: