Friday, February 17, 2012


For anyone who wondering why I didn't online for about 2 weeks: I'm busy. 
It's more than likely I'll be rarely online until next saga comes.
In the mean times currently I'm trying out about how to import my ECO char into MMD so that I can do *many* things on it. The progress is going smoothly, though sadly due to my schedule I can't do this project all day long. I already able to take the mess, texture, and implement the bone. All that's left is integrate it into PMD/MMD (for some obvious reason, it still can't move in PMD)

The bread and eyes isn't implemented yet.... well, let that slide.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ECO - Managing Option Setting

Several days ago I went to my friend's house who also plays ECO, and end up giving him some troubleshooting =3=. He complains that even with only two windows active, he got a pretty bad slow motion. His pc is by no means a strongest pc in the world, but also not that old, either. When I see His ECO, it appears that he maxed out all of it's option.