Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ECO - Managing Option Setting

Several days ago I went to my friend's house who also plays ECO, and end up giving him some troubleshooting =3=. He complains that even with only two windows active, he got a pretty bad slow motion. His pc is by no means a strongest pc in the world, but also not that old, either. When I see His ECO, it appears that he maxed out all of it's option.

Long story short, today I will explain about settings in ECO, and "how much" that your PC can handle. First thing first, see that bar on the upper right corner?

apparently people mistook them as loading bar

That bar is there for some reason, it's not a decoration. And no, it's not loading bar of some sort, either. That bar determines whether you can handle the game or not (FPS wise). It's always reccommended that it's always in full bar, else you will encounter some levels of slow motion. If you can't get it to full bar, most healthy suggestion is either throw your pc and buy something new, or just quit play altogether.

The bar represent FPS for the game, less than full, and you will feel that the game is slow or jaggy. PC nowadays can handle two or more ECO, but not so much for laptops. My suggestion is that you must lower some settings so that you can play without some kind of sluggish movement (better yet, buy a new PC). Below, I will list some setting that will affect your ECO.

1. Resolution
Higher resolution means higher burden to your pc. Turn your resolution to lower setting so that it won't eat up vga's memory. If you play multiple ECO at once, it's better to set all of your secondary window to 800*600, if you don't use that.
Load: Higher resolution > Lower resolution (800*600)

 Resolution: 800 x 600

Resolution: 1280 x 1024

2. Window Mode
There's common belief that windowed mode is lighter than full screen mode. Well, that's dead wrong. It's acctually the opposite, full screen is lighter than windowed mode. It's downside is that you can't monitor anything other than your ECO if you got into fullscreen.
Load: Full Screen > Window Mode

Windowed mode

3. Shadow Graphic
If you don't need some fancy shadow, turn it off. Normally you don't pay attention to someone's shadow to begin with. Only turn this on if you want it for aesthetics value(Such as taking SS). While it seems insignificant, it actually have quite a big deal on performance.
Load: Basic > Round > None

 Basic, Round, and No Shadow

4. Shadow Graphic Range
If you turn off the shadow, I don't see why do you turn it above 1... it determines how far you can see shadow.
Load: 50 > 1

5. Map Object Graphic Range
This setting determines how far away your vision to see building. I don't see any benefit setting this higher than 100 or so. Keep it low if possible, but max it if you have confidence in your PC. I don't reccomend set it to 1 though. Set it around 60 at the very least
Load 255> 1

You'll crash a lot if you set it to 1

6. Character Graphic Range
For the goodness sake, set it to 19, except you're looking for npc. Every points on this option gives you 1 more grid to your vision, but your vision for other character and golem is restricted to 19. I don't really see any other benefit keeping it higher than that.
Load 255>1 - Optimum: 19.

Also Effective on Making Your Fans Disappear

7. Effect Range
This setting determines how fancy the effects of skill/items are. If you don't need it's "cool" factor, set it to minimize/expect some. Some non-skill effect that's affected by this is glow in the fire (such as candle in airship) and portals.
Load: All> Expect Some > minimize (not sure about Expect some/minimize)

Left: Effect On, Right: Minimize

8. Graphic Outline
Turn it of, period. Not only enabling it make your character ugly, it also eat ups some memories to draw it.
Load: On > Off

Right: Outline ON, Left: Outline OFF

9. Anti Aliasing
This will smooth out jagged lines, if you can afford it, do it for aesthetics, else just turn it off. I'll post up detailed information about this later on.
Load: Best > apply > none

Left: Anti Alias ON, Right: Anti Alias OFF

10. Golem
If you're not kind of person who checks golem for windowshopping everyday, turn it off. Especially when you're across northern downtown. Also, size doesn't matter that much, just some annoyance if you set it too big.
Load: off > 2.0 = average = 0.5

11. Display text (golem, character, shop, etc)
Disabling this will only make minor difference if not at all, so I don't really suggest to turn it off.
Load: On >= Off

12. Freecam
There's reason why ECO limits it's view. It's so that you don't kill your vga to smithereen. Using freecam will highly affect your view, which in turn eating a LOT of resources. And by a lot I really meant a lot that it can kill you even with single windows. For comparison, even with the highest setting of all above, I can still have full fps bar. But when freecam goes into action:

I can't even get full fps.

And no, for popular "megaphone causing lag", It's total bullshit (at least, I never experienced one), I have asks several of my friends, but none of them actually get any lag. I normally don't care when people dislike megaphone for distracting chat, but i dislike one who said it makes you lagging, but never actually have one. Moreover, I FREAKING HATE ppl who complaints about lag, but he's the one who spam it the most. Not even mentioning ppl who complains about lag when hunting while his position is in downtown.

That's for now. I hope this will help you sort out your lag, if you got any.

~Hourai Etealune~


Trass said...

This is kinda off topic, but I've always liked the outline feature in an game. It's what defines eco as an "anime styled" game compared to other mmos. It looks pretty neat and cartoonish to me and I really love the effects it makes it so far.

... But for some reason I've never met anyone who thinks the same as I do orz They usually either don't care at all, or really hate it. I know it's just a matter of preference but still...

Hourai Etealune said...

For me, having outline makes your character didn't "blend" with background, making it looks kinda unnatural.

Some exaggerated example is the first harvest moon for PS2

Making outline for character will make it seems out of place. That's why I didn't like it very much.

Trass said...

I.... actually find the outline in that SS cute o3o

I guess it just depends on the person's personal preference in the end, haha.

What makes me wonder is that there are so many people who agree with you. Which makes it as if I'm kind of weird among people's common sense of taste. o3o

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