Sunday, July 15, 2012

Does what I do really illegal?

Following the other page, someone write something like this on one of my game edit:

"I must say I dont like your statement about illegal/legal stuff. I believe that the licenses and agreements page are stated on installer page. And it was already a common sense recompile/decompile activities is illegal.
You dont have to think its legal just because the rule page isnt there. You know what you do is wrong but pretend that your doing is not wrong.
" - ignoreme

 Of course, it's wrong ethically, I know. But it may or may not illegal depending on how you read the rule. For the longest time It have very big loophole that I can exploit and get away with it.

[ECO] EX Motion

Well, to put it simply, I'm bored. 
Since I have a bit of time in my hand, I decided to extract ECOjp and get the ex motion data and integrate it to our ECOid. It's a shame that we'll get it at saga 14, which may take roughly 2 years from now on.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Any Jobs (?) Can Hunt at Abyss

Well this one is not really guide. Just my concern about hunting in abyss nowadays. With fighter type build, literally *anyone* can hunt at abyss. In this example, I went hunting with my friend. A sorcerer - spelluser intended for using magic, taking up a laser blade and hunting at abyss Jedi style.