Sunday, July 15, 2012

Does what I do really illegal?

Following the other page, someone write something like this on one of my game edit:

"I must say I dont like your statement about illegal/legal stuff. I believe that the licenses and agreements page are stated on installer page. And it was already a common sense recompile/decompile activities is illegal.
You dont have to think its legal just because the rule page isnt there. You know what you do is wrong but pretend that your doing is not wrong.
" - ignoreme

 Of course, it's wrong ethically, I know. But it may or may not illegal depending on how you read the rule. For the longest time It have very big loophole that I can exploit and get away with it.

For starter, It's not the source code, mind you, it's already compiled in which it's not called source code anymore. We don't have the source code, we have the compiled data. Changing it won't change the source code. For those who don't know:
[Source code is the programming language statements in a program before they are compiled into object code

Second, it's not "all game" that i change, it's only "one game". Depending on how you read it, to violate this rule, you must hacks/change "all game and website". Hacking/changing one game won't cut it to violate this rule.

And for the last,

"Kami (Wavegame) adalah pihak publisher yang hanya dapat mempublikasikan in-game content dengan ikatan lisensi yang telah diberikan pihak Developer" - taken from email with wavegame. From this sentence, it can be taken that it's not even the game owned by wave|game Indonesia, they only have the right to publish it, not owning it. If they have the owning right, they should be able to do whatever they want with the game. 

For me? It's not illegal, and that's it. They should change their rule wording. The way it is now is full of hole that I can exploit.

~Hourai Etealune~ 


Estavali said...

Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should, you know. If the legal definition of rape doesn't include having sex with another person without his/her consent when s/he's drunk or drugged unconscious, does this mean we can do anything we like to a unconscious woman even if we know it's morally wrong?

(Eh, this example may be extreme compared to what you're doing but it's to help drive in my point.)

Hourai Etealune said...

Uh yes, it's wrong, but in court, you can get away with this ( having sex with another person without his/her consent when s/he's drunk or drugged unconscious).

Nevermind about moral, it's definitely wrong, but in law, you can find workaround for that.

Hourai Etealune said...

Ah, not sure about unconsious, but when drunk, you can get away with this.

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