Sunday, July 15, 2012

[ECO] EX Motion

Well, to put it simply, I'm bored. 
Since I have a bit of time in my hand, I decided to extract ECOjp and get the ex motion data and integrate it to our ECOid. It's a shame that we'll get it at saga 14, which may take roughly 2 years from now on.

Note that what I'm doing is pretty much illegal... or not. The link for rule page is broken when I'm creating this so I'll consider it's not illegal when making this since there's no rule stated that it is :D . Nevertheless I can't share how to do it with you guys. Sorry bout that.

Edit: it's NOT illegal well, they haven't fixed the eco wavegame page though. Please see why at this page:

~Hourai Etealune~


ignoreme said...

I must say I dont like your statement about illegal/legal stuff. I believe that the licenses and agreements page are stated on installer page. And it was already a common sense recompile/decompile activities is illegal.
You dont have to think its legal just because the rule page isnt there. You know what you do is wrong but pretend that your doing is not wrong.

And yes, don't share it to anyone. Just keep it for yourself. I think you already know what will happen when a lot of people know how to do it...

Hourai Etealune said...

@ignoreme: No problem bout that :D everyone have their own way of thinking.
Because the agreement page is down... It may or may not contain it. (and no, I don't find it on installer page). Because according me if it's not written, then it's allowed (example: if there was no sign of no smoking, then is it my fault to smoke there?)

If you don't like about my statement, it's fine, I'll immediately change it if wavegame fix the rule page. It's been like that for quite a long time, like they also don't care about rule page.
Do you expect me, the one following the rule to care about rule when the creator didn't even care about that?

They may DO have something about that, but as I recall, they write something like "Dilarang melakukan modifikasi dalam game yang dapat mengganggu kelancaran bermain player lain"(trans: "do not modify the game in a way that it will disturb other people's playing experience") -> if you see it from another view it will means: if it's not disturbing other people, then it is allowed.

In this case, client side editing which even other people can't see will not be counted as rule violation.

Yeah, it's wrong of course, I wont deny it, but it's not violating the rule a.k.a it's not illegal. Call me sly or whatever, that's what I am.

PS: I won't share how to do it to mass public, of course, if that's happen wavegame will lost some income from that IM when it's implemented(still 2 more years though)

Hourai Etealune said...

EDIT: rule page found. The ECO page redirect to the wrong page. I must search it on wavegame page though.

crypto200 said...

Well, I must say that the motions are still quite interesting...

Just a thought, are those custom emoticons or was it included in future SAGA updates?

Because I'm rather curious on how you applied it to the current EcoId client...

PS: It seems that your "bug" trick just became a common use in the arena lately. Can't it be used for something more useful like hunting?

It's really ticking me of since they used it to 'cheat' for the record book & fair PvP fights (not that we actually had any fair PvPs lately) (>_>)a

Hourai Etealune said...

The custom emoticons are from saga 14 update. It's still quite long (and it's IM on top of that).

About the bug:
No, no and no. I won't advise you to use it for hunting, it will break the balance of the game. If it's not repaired ASAP I'm pretty concerned about the next upcoming saga where domi world and normal world will share the same level unlike now.

If someone use it at arena, any skill which change your stat will reset it. Just use element up/bluff/anything that change enemies stat and it will reset out.

Estavali said...

Just like to point out again that you're using IM stuff without paying for it.

Is using a commercial item without paying for it something we should do?

Estavali said...

Ah, but then again, I don't have the right to say this myself orz

*is one of the people who exploited the Fair Intro bug*

Still, I think this is a point we should think about seriously.

Hourai Etealune said...

It -is- serious. Well, for Indonesian people, it's kind of *acceptable*

Having IM for free is, in a way, the same as pirating movie/music. Both involving "using a commercial item without paying for it something we should do?".

We do that quite a lot. And in Indonesia, sadly, is quite acceptable.

Also, any modification including dual, freecam, and macro is also forbidden though. Sadly, people will also justify their right when they also start doing it.

Kai said...

Hou, what folder that you replace from eco jp to eco id for that Motion? can you give me a clue? I wanna make a video for my char too with that moe motion. and the shortcut to (alt-r etc) Thanks for your kindly.

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