Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Connecting to ECOJP - Alternative version

Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, it's not that I'm retired, I'm friggin' busy with job and such. I gotten report from few players that their tsunagarumon account got blocked and/or they are lagging quite bad. I'm not a customer service o3o. 

Anyway, it's a "follow up guide" for the previous post about connecting into ECOJP. This method needs you to pay (well, not really paying, with some data wipeout + multiple email you can just maybe extend the subscription infinitely, though if you're blocked from creating multiple account, i won't be holding any responsibility for it)

There's several advantadge to use this method, such as:
+ noticeably less lagging than tsunagarumon
+ no disconnect after 3 hours, so you can just afk ing like good old times
+ the connection use different channel from your normal browsing, so your browsing won't be slowed down due to vpn usage
+ more globally accepted, such as, there's fewer people who got error using this method compared with using tsunagarumon

and come with several disadvantadges:
- well, you need to pay using paypal, except you're being naughty and just change the email every month  They changed on how registration work when i wrote this. Alternatively, if you're in indonesia, you can purchase the voucher using debit card (BCA or such) via Hitengaming, thanks to shin for the information
 - except you can't use tsunagarumon to recconect, oftentimes you must change your IE's proxy address

 Pic unrelated, but it's cute so it's fine o3o