Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Connecting to ECOJP - Alternative version

Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, it's not that I'm retired, I'm friggin' busy with job and such. I gotten report from few players that their tsunagarumon account got blocked and/or they are lagging quite bad. I'm not a customer service o3o. 

Anyway, it's a "follow up guide" for the previous post about connecting into ECOJP. This method needs you to pay (well, not really paying, with some data wipeout + multiple email you can just maybe extend the subscription infinitely, though if you're blocked from creating multiple account, i won't be holding any responsibility for it)

There's several advantadge to use this method, such as:
+ noticeably less lagging than tsunagarumon
+ no disconnect after 3 hours, so you can just afk ing like good old times
+ the connection use different channel from your normal browsing, so your browsing won't be slowed down due to vpn usage
+ more globally accepted, such as, there's fewer people who got error using this method compared with using tsunagarumon

and come with several disadvantadges:
- well, you need to pay using paypal, except you're being naughty and just change the email every month  They changed on how registration work when i wrote this. Alternatively, if you're in indonesia, you can purchase the voucher using debit card (BCA or such) via Hitengaming, thanks to shin for the information
 - except you can't use tsunagarumon to recconect, oftentimes you must change your IE's proxy address

 Pic unrelated, but it's cute so it's fine o3o

Without further ado, You'll need several things to begin:
Site: You got 1 month / 30 days free for usage by only using your email address, but after that, you must pay monthly for subscription. I'm paying for it since it helps me with quite a lot of game, not just ECO. This program is great if you play international server game and get disconnected out of nothing but your internet is actually fine (for me, it's Mabinogi and PSO2). Just apply for their account creation page and download the program.

2. Japanese proxy server (not vpn, but can also be used), or working tsunagarumon.
You can use either one, proxy/tsunagarumon is only needed to login the browser page, after that, you may turn it off.

And that's it, now for how to connect:
1. Install WTFAST, should be straightforward, use your email/password combination to login into WTFAST's program. You'll get 30 days subscription for free at first.
2. If you can use Tsunagarumon, let it connect and skip to step 8, otherwise, use proxy in step 3.
3. You will need japanese proxy to get through japanese eco's website. There's many you can use but usually they died in several hours/day so you must change them daily. To get proxy address, use this website to look for one in this page, you'll need to find the one that use http/https(SSL) connection.

4. Put it on your IE, by accesssing internet options -> connection tab -> Lan Settings

5. Set the proxy with address you get from step 3, IP and port

6. click OK/save and then close it, your connection should be set for japanese proxy.
7. Open any page with your IE, if it said you have no connection, try other proxy address, repeat until you can connect normally.
8. After you're successfully connected, Run wtfast with your email/password combination. (For the free 30 days, you can use "Free Trial" as ID, and leave password blank)
9. Pick on the custom game, and then press "Add", browse for your excecutable ECOJP's exe and launcher

10. Set the server into Tokyo JP1 so that you connect to japanese vpn server

11. click on [play!] button, and you should be able to connect into eco jp normally.
12. if you use tsunagarumon, after logging in on IE's page (this page) to click start button you may turn tsunagaru's connection off, the game will still work normally, and it's recommended for you to do so.

*note: proxy have very limited lifespan so you may need to change it everyday or so

That's it for today, due to many things I'm unable to play that much anymore, but if you have any question or helps, I will gladly help if I do have time.

~Hourai Etealune~


Akizuki Kosai said...

Is it safe for me to browse Facebook with it while I'm connected?

(Which was what I were worried about while using Tsunagarumon)

Anonymous said...

yes, as long as you don't use IE, the browser is fully separated from your vpn

Maulana Arrad said...

can i play the game without using tsunagaru's connection or any proxy servers? because it seems that i can still update my client without it

Anonymous said...

@maulana: you must use either this method or tsunagaru method
while it's true that they don't check their update server, they do check whether you're from japan or not when you're logging in to the game.

Anonymous said...

i've tried to use the proxy, it loaded the page but won't let me login and i've tried other proxy address, but it won't.
what should i do ?

Hourai Etealune said...

that's strange.. you sure you're using JP address(second column) and SSL connection?
it should mostly work. Since i have tried it several times and it still work

Anonymous said...

pretty sure, 'cause i opened the same web that you gave above, and SSL connection
so, if it works, it should work just like vpn right ? like, i can log in to ECOjp

Hourai Etealune said...

you can use it to get pass through web login, but for the game itself, you need wtfast stated above

amien muchaemin said...

hourai bisa bantu cara pke proxiefier buat server jpn??

Zansatsu Fiction said...

maksudnya ganti email tiap bulan gmna pak ?

Anonymous said...

Daftar ulang pake email baru. Udah nda bisa btw.

Anonymous said...

hourai did you sometimes have problem when tried to login?
like login form display internet connection cannot display connection was reset
well it happen after tama system update and it seem got worse right now.

Anonymous said...

@anon: yes, it happens lately, i think any vpn got struck by that, sometimes even my normal connection without vpn get it
1. try to refresh it using ctrl+F5
2. try other alternative such as tsunagarumon, or sometimes, loading the login page in normal connection -> connect vpn -> login via vpn works

Anonymous said...

Ce hourai, mau tanya kl item uda hancur (bukan rusak lg + duranya uda ga ada) , masih bisa diperbaiki lagi? T_T

Hourai Etealune said...

bisa diusahain pake item durability +1, tumpuk sampe minimal 2 atau lebih, kemudian repair.

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