Dual Job Switch Quest

Primarily requested by Puss.
Yesterday (April 25th) there’s a new feature to change your existing dualjob to another dualjob. To change isn’t exactly the right word here, as after doing this quest, you can switch between dualjob, so it’s more or less “adding a new dualjob” to your char.

This picture have nothing to do with actual content

Before you begin you need to have finished some quest first. You need to have finished the dualjob book quest (the one that needs you to collect 3 moonstone, 3 yellow tablet, and 3 power cylinder). After you finished the prerequisite you will now eligible to do this quest.

    1. Go to talk to [フレイズ] in the uptown, she will ask you things, as always, just choose randomly till correct (I forget, but i think it’s the second choice twice).
    2. Talk to [フレイズ] again in the infinite corridor B41F. After a few cutscene, you will be asked to collect gems. These gem is similar to the one that you use for your first dualjob change. She will said that the first gem are located in the B135F of hellish corridor, so make your way to that place.
    3. You need to go to 135th floor. As prerequisite, you need to start from 125th floor portal so you must start your way from 100th floor, or if you have friend, you can start from 125th floor. Do not start immediately from 135th floor because it’ll regarded as invalid (I made this mistake). After reaching the floor, talk to the guard near the stairs. After conversation, you will get your first jewel, the red one.
    4. Go back to B41F, talk to [フレイズ] again. After conversation, she will offer you 6 choice, which basically you asking where the other jewel is.
    5. We will look for green jewel now. For this jewel, you need to prepare 3000 abyss matter. Go to Hellish IC lobby and look for [ギルダーツ]. He will offer you stuff for 3000 Abyss matter. Buy it, and you will get a coffin.
    6. After you get the coffin, talk to the gladiator npc which in charge to open golden pururu chest. After that you will get the green jewel.
    7. For the blue one, you need to talk to force master npc in B41F, no prerequisite for this one, just talk to her.
    8. For the last one, the yellow jewel, you need to finish clumsy merchant quest. It’s a quest where you need to give a merchant [ドジな商人] which stuck inside jail. He appears on B43F, B58F, and then B67F consecutively. Prepare 4 Rusty key to do this quest. In second jail, you need to enter the jail yourself to talk to him, other than that, you can talk to him from outside the jail.
    9. After you finished the clumsy merchant quest, talk to him again in the B41F.
    10. After you collect all 4 gems, talk to [フレイズ] again and then talk to the lobby receptionist guards, then go back to [フレイズ]. She will then offer you a quest to combine the jewel by fighting against HIC boss, Nyarlathotep.


    11. After you kill her, talk back to [フレイズ] and then you can choose your next dualjob. The level will be reset but you can revert back to your first dualjob anytime you want. You basically now have access to 2 dualjob. You can add more dualjob but you need to do the quest again, which gradually will become harder and harder, for your third dualjob change, you need to reach 205th floor and I think the boss is also buffed more.


That’s all, I have been on hiatus for a long time so my skill are pretty much rusted over the time 🙁 Special Thanks to:

    1. Larck, to accompany me doing this quest and translator.
    2. Puss, for soloing our beloved Nyaruko and laugh at it’s face.
    3. Meow, for partial guidance plus 2500 Abyss matter.
    4. Cio, for 5 Rusty key.


Yeah, I’m just freeloader  *shot*
~Hourai Etealune~

12 Replies to “Dual Job Switch Quest”

  1. finnaly theres guide about it. before found this guide. i'm trying guessing how to add morg dual job. and stuck on going to 135BF where i got died on lv 109 doing solo on hell IC where the mission need to defeat Golem wkwk. after that i pretty much give up. so it seems we need party to go to 135BF.

    About Hell IC is there a way where we can jump floor like Middle and lower Floor ? or probably save point? if not it would be hard to do it.

    An also where i can get Abyys Matter? on your guide

    Thnx for the guide

  2. 1. It's pretty recommended to have party. Going solo to B135f isn't impossible but i won't recommend doing so due to the high chance of dying (it's okay if you have personal healer though.. maybe).
    2. Every 10 floor starting from B125F have save point guy for hell corridor, so if you save at 125f, you can go back there. There's a few catch though… a) the only person who can save is the party leader. So if you're not the team leader, you won't be able to use the savepoint b) you can only overwrite savepoint much like usual savepoint, as in, if you decide to save at 145f, you won't be able to jump to 125 anymore since your savepoint are at 145f and vice versa
    3. abyss matter is a rare reward like exp from any enemies (in lower level, you're lucky to get ~200 abyss matter per day full grind), or alternatively, there's a very rare pururu in hell ic that drop party the abyss matter jewel, ranging from 100 to 1000 abyss matter. It's pretty hard for low level to get 2000 abyss matter fast. You can just buy it from other player, it's the black colored crystal (like iris slot crystal) with number in the description (100/500/1000)

    If you have hax party, you can easily plow through dungeon and killing the boss. But if you're alone, prepare to reset a lot of dungeon so that you don't encounter any boss. 110th, 120th, 130th floor have boss – or treasure chest, depend on your luck. If you encounter boss alone, consider it's bad ruins and you need to reset the dungeon to avoid them.

  3. thnx for the answer.

    Yea it seems hard if soloing to 135F to bad i only has 1 charc which good enough to tackle normal Hell IC i only depend on Pot though T^T. well anyway i guees still need party when i meet the boss ><.

    Oh about 2000Abyss matter, can we collect random Abyss matter like 10×100 + 2×500 + 1×1000 Abyss matter , or we need the same type Abyss Matter like 30×100 abyss matter only?

    Also about the Boss we need to defeat in order to finished the Q, is it hard? can we do it party defeating that boss?

  4. For the abyss matter, it's like currency like cp, the jewel i mention above is the item which when you click, the point will be added to your abyss matter.
    And for the boss, yes, you can have a party to kill it, you can smuggle another via poss like ppl usually do emilgon/etc

  5. Hei Hou, i know this seem out of the topic but i really need that gardening dress (Farmer Equip lvl 55), but i forgot how to open that hidden shop in Iron South, may you could make some explanation about this ? love your blog btw, and because of you i can play ECO again <3 thank you so much !

  6. @biaga: if it's farmer's armor, then you might be referring to medicine (porol) quest.
    you need to take cafe quest, お母さんのおくすり(ポロル), which ask you for potion which concocted in north promenade. each potion need 1 petal of each color (white,black,yellow, red, blue, green) from respective flowers.

    you need to do this quest twice to open the shop.

  7. Hello. Would you by any chance happen to know if any of the servers has an English community? I was just wondering since I was thinking of giving JP ECO a try and was trying to decide on what server to go for. So I was thinking it would be great if I could also find some other English speaking players to play with 🙂

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