[ECO] getting godly stat bonus temporarily

By request of some people asking on how to get godly stat on arena, it’s actually pretty easy.
Note: this is bug, I don’t really recommend you using this, but whatever, bug is also a feature 😀 , if you want to use this go ahead.

Touch me and you’ll dead in second.

For this trick, all you need is a party (3 ppl or so including the bard, so the party won’t break) with a bard who have music skill to buff stat (In this case, I’m using pop)

1. Make a party at arena with the bard inside
2. Have the bard cast pop
3. Immediately remove the bard from party
4. Wait until the music is over, then invite the bard to rejoin the party  
5. Repeat from step 2.

And that’s it, the bonus should stack infinitely. Be warned that:
1. You mustn’t get any other buff, including HF, if your bard want to use HF, confirm that she’s outside the party
2. If you’re dead, and getting resurrected, the stat will go back to normal. This also applies to getting back to the savepoint. But there’s an exception that if you save at downtown and you get back to that position, the stat will not reset.

Well that’s it, basically with this you can massacre a lot of ppl in arena, if you get enough time to prepare.

~Hourai Etealune~

4 Replies to “[ECO] getting godly stat bonus temporarily”

  1. Hai hai, Hourai-san! WildPotato here~♥

    I tried it out in Domi World. And it works, as long as the two party members are close in level. If the pururu is grey, the music has 0 effect.

    I think this means it will also work in KT. But well, you'll get blasted before you can finish buffing, so :V

    Also, this bug works when the fighter instead of the bard leaves party, too.

    And uh… When another buff is added, like another music, the other buff is subtracted ONCE. Meaning if you buffed Pop 100 times and switched to Fusion, you still get 99 Pop effect. That's how Drizzt got the +1000 stats on everything, I think. o3o

    Anyway, the buffs get erased once you change maps, so this only concerns people in the PVP areas.

  2. Some more info:

    – Marionette and poss-spirit boost cancel the effects.
    – Level up cancels the effects.
    – Self-possession cancels the effects.
    – Debuff skills (like poison) cancel the effects.

    And as bonus, in DW, PVP status works in all fighting areas. However, your fighting style in PVP is heavily restricted (everyone in party must be in PVP, spell cast is disrupted by being hit, too big a level difference = no player interaction), so trying to grind easily using this trick will probably end with you being killed. :p

    (But if someone wants to use this trick to clear the sea of mobs blocking the path to DEMgon, I won't mind~ /slapped)

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