ECO Screenshot Editing

This post will cover about how to modify your ECO screenshot using Pekeusa‘s method. A request from a friend of mine >.<

For starters, You’ll need an Image editing software. For this tutorial, I’ll use photoshop. Incase you don’t have one, you can use Gimp since it’s free.

1. You’ll need to crop materials you need first, don’t do it later, since doing this first and later will alter the result’s edge slightly.

(1b. if you open the screenshot, chance are your image is saved as “background” layers, change it into normal layer first)

2. Duplicate the layer so that you have two exact same image topping on each other. We will work on top layer, leave out the bottom layer.

Note: Set top layer’s opacity to certain percentage, how much percentage depends your needs, you can change this later if you want, but I prefer to set it now.

3. On the top layer, use Gaussian blur.

Peke use around 4.0 pixels blur but You can use any number you see fit depends on your perferences and image size.

4. Set top layer’s blend mode into “Hard Light”, note that you can also modify opacity as stated in note previously here to get better results. To get into this page, just double click layer’s image.

5. Merge both layer into single layer

6. Modify color curve to your liking

Done 😀

Source and Credits:

~Hourai Etealune~

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