How to play Emil Chronicle Online – Japanese Server


Updated version: 13 April 2014

Since most of non-japan Emil Chronicle Online got closed, I got a swarm of ppl asking on how to play on eco jp. Well it’s not that hard to register and play, but nevertheless, not easy either.

1. General Guidelines

Please note that you’re playing this illegaly, don’t use any other language except japanese on open chat (party/ring chat is ok) if you (and the rest of us) don’t want to get banned it’s okay to chat using english in party consisting indonesian which you know, but not in open, you’ll get banned and most possibly drag us along like thailand accident before in ECOID.

2. Requirements

You’ll need to prepare few things to be able to play ECOJP, below i’ll list what you to install along with the usage later:

  • ECOJP client
  • Firefox or Chrome
  • Japanese IME (optional, built in along with windows) OpenVPN/SoftEther (optional, needed incase primary connection method didn’t work)

3. Installing VPN

There are many ways to access japanese server but the simplest option is using softether service, but cost at a little bit higher ping rate (around 2 times higher pings, depending on where you are). If you’re an absolute noob when it comes to setting up things and don’t want hassle to change ip every weeks or so, use softether method, for advanced bunch, use L2TP.

Method 1: Using SoftEther VPN

VPNGate SoftEther download site:
You’ll need to download and install SoftEther VPN Client

  1. When installing, choose SoftEther VPN Client.
  2. After finished, open the programs, click on “VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers”
  3. There will be several DDNS Hostname, to play eco, pick one that come from japan region, and high session.
  4. Use TCP protocol to connect
  5. When asked, pick option to install this software, this is normal, and it will create a new connection for you
  6. Wait a little bit and then there will be a message that you already connected to VPN

Method 2: Using OpenVPN method

OpenVPN site:
VPNGate site: 
You’ll need to download OpenVPN for 32 bit or 64 bit windows from OpenVPN Site given above.

  1. You need to look for Japanese Country VPN. Look for row with Japanese Country and they support OpenVPN. I recommend using one from tsukuba.
  2. Click on OpenVPN Config file row, and download the link which use TCP. Take note of their configuration file will change every 2 week. If this happens you’ll be unable to connect and need to change the configuration file.
  3. Install the OpenVPN, if asked, choose to trust and install the OpenVPN.
  4. After finishing install, copy the configuration files into OpenVPN config folder, Usually, it will be on C:Program FilesOpenVPNConfig
  5. Run the OpenVPN GUI as Administrator
  6. While it doesn’t show anything, there will be a small icon in the system tray, that will be your OpenVPN program.
  7. Right click on the icon, and choose “connect”
  8. Wait a little bit and then there will be a message that you already connected to VPN

Method 3: Using L2TP Service

VPNGate site:
You’ll need to for Japanese VPN at the site given above.

  1. You need to look for Japanese Country VPN. Look for row with Japanese Country and they support L2TP/IPsec. I recommend using one from tsukuba. Take note of their IP Address (number with format)
  2. Go to control panel, enter network and sharing center -> set up new connection -> connect to workplace -> use my internet connection (VPN).
  3. Fill the Internet address with IP address on the step 1. You can use any name for Destination name.
  4. If you are asked for username and password, use “vpn” for both username and password, all lowercase letter. Do not connect yet.
  5. Go to “Network and Sharing Center” and click “Change adapter settings”
  6. The currently defined VPN connection settings you made are listed here. Right click the icon you created in the previous step, and click “Properties”
  7. On the Properties screen, switch to the “Security” tab. (In Windows XP, switch to the “Network” tab.) Choose “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPSec)” on the “Type of VPN” drop-down list.
  8. Below the Type of VPN, there’s advanced menu, click on that and set preshared key with “vpn” – all lowercased letter.
  9. After the above configuration finished, click the “OK” button twice to close the property screen of the VPN connection setting.
  10. Now you have set the VPN, to activate it you will need to access the taskbar, right click on your connection, and then use the VPN you just created

Method 4: Using Tsunagarumon

Tsunagarumon site:
You’ll need to register for VPN at the site given above.

  1. On the page given above, the page will ask your email. Just write your email, tick the agreement box, and click the pink button.
  2. You’ll get notification regarding an email being sent to your address, so open your email now. You’ll see an email from Tsunagarumon regarding registration verification.
  3. You’ll be redirected to page which state that you’re successfully registered, and got your ID/password for VPN Connection.
  4. Check your email again, this time they will send you an email which have 3 important thing listed: ID, Password, and “host address”
  5. Go to control panel, enter network and sharing center -> set up new connection -> connect to workplace -> use my internet connection (VPN)
  6. Fill the Internet address with In your mail you are given for the address, but this one is slower.
  7. Use any name for the destination name. You can just use “Tsunagarumon” or something.
  8. If you’re asked for ID/Password, use the detail you were given in your mail. ID is usually your email, and password is the line below it.

4. Registering ECOJP and Starting the Game

Registration Page:
Client Download:
You’ll need to register at the registration page given above. If you have set your VPN correctly, you’ll be redirected into signup page, but if not you’ll get “non Japanese are not allowed since you can’t pay”. In the case this is happens, something wrong happened with your VPN, use another method listed until you can access the registration page.

  1. First thing first, it will ask your email. Just write your email and click the accept button below (big orange button thingie)
  2. You’ll get notification regarding an email being sent to your address, so open your email now. You’ll see that GungHo have emailed you something, if not, just wait a little bit
  3. You’ll be redirected to page with some field to be filled, Leave the first field, username on the second field, password on the 3rd and 4th field, your birthday on 5th fields and captcha on last field. You need Japanese IME to fill this form.
  4. Run your ECO jp, it will open IE (yes, you’ll need IE to play, sadly) look at the lefthand side, this is where you input your username and password.
  5. Sometimes the captcha page will appear, just fill it and press accept, you can copy paste on this one so just fill it away.
  6. You’ll get back to the main page, but the left sidebar has been changed, there’s dropdown there, pick your ID to be able to play.
  7. If this is your first time playing, there will be popup asking to install LoadPrgAx.CAB or something to your computer. This is a must, just install it away to be able to play.

Installing Japanese IME:

  1. Go to the control panel by clicking on the start menu
  2. Choose “Change keyboard or other input methods” , or “region and language”, depending on what kind of view your control panel is using
  3. Select “Change keyboards”
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Scroll down to see “Japanese”, and open the dropdown by clicking the little [+] symbol on the right of Japanese (Japan) and then tick the “Miscrosoft IME” Checkbox
  6. On the second tab, “Language bar”, make sure you have “Docked in the taskbar” and “Show text labels on the Language bar” checked
  7. You now have enabled IME, and will see little EN on the bottom on the right of your screen
  8. To use it, when you’re opening your IE (preferably on captcha textbox), click the EN button on the taskbar, and change it to JP Japanese, and then change the output to hiragana
  9. Now you can write in Japanese using romaji input, if you don’t know what the captcha said, please refer to wikipedia and match letter with their romaji and type it away.

That’s all. Next thing to do is to install the update patch, which many people failed to do so due to huge file to download, but just try again if you’re stuck with patcher. If there’s anything unclear, just comment below. I’ll answer with the best I can. if you can send SS about your trouble, that will be great.

~Hourai Etealune~

244 Replies to “How to play Emil Chronicle Online – Japanese Server”

  1. For Paid VPN, I recommend OverPlay VPN than strongvpn for playing games. And Hourai, let we meet on eco jp. My IGN: エヴァンナ

  2. i've done everything , and when click the "game start" button, there's nothing happend there..
    what should i do .. 🙁

  3. which game start do you mean? the last picture?

    if it's the last pic, when you click it, Internet explorer will prompt you to install active X (it can be popup in the bottom, or on the upper part of browser) just accept it.

  4. Filenya baik2 saja kok. Mungkin gara-gara km gagal di tengah download, soalnya yang lain download baik-baik saja kok

  5. I think it might still be a better choice to subscribe for a paid VPN service to play JPECO, I tried tsunagarumon yesterday and DC'd at least twice.

    Any suggestions of reliable VPN services?

    And btw, it's also possible to connect to Gungho's ECO servers from Hangame's website.

  6. Many people recommend overplay, like エヴァンナ said above. I haven't tried it yet but maybe in near future. The problem is that you need to have CC which most of us don't have access to.

    About the hangame, I never tried it, i thought it was different site (the old ECO one)

  7. Unfortunately, I haven't found any either >.<.
    I'm using my credit card account to buy webmoney voucher.
    if you have paypal account, it *supposed to* work but i haven't tried it myself

  8. aq ada problem

    aq ikutin blog hou sampe setting vpn…
    pas uda connect, mau buka web ttg dftar, ga bisa
    "sambungan terputus bla bla bla" << kyk org sambungan internetnya ga pas
    pdhl internet tnp VPN kencang sekali
    internet dgn VPN, google ato apapun ga bisa keluar tampilan semestinya

    ini ada solusi?

    firefox ini uda disetting "no proxy"

  9. Ce Hourai
    ini udh aku ikutin yg daftar VPN, waktu itu udh bisa connect, trus ditinggal bbrp jam DC
    nah pas mo connectlg ga bisa, error trus, error 619, 800… Ini gimana ya ?

  10. @azuki: if you come from Indonesia, do not use overplay at all.

    @anon: can't help you much with that, 800 is common, but wait for around 5 minutes and it should be fixed. I never encounter 619 though, that one maybe problem with your router, since if i'm not mistaken, 619 is for disconnected port.

  11. I'm from Malaysia…

    And earlier I tried logging in my GungHo account (Not Hangame's) but I can't seem to get past the captcha page no matter how many times I entered the code correctly…. – -a

  12. Anonymous said… so what should i do with this 800 error thing?
    >> Nothing, usually wait for around 5 minutes and it should be fixed by itself.

    @Akizuki Kozai: registration page or login page? don't mistake your between Account name and ID name (and it might be case sensitive)

  13. It's the page right after we entered out ID and password, that captcha thing.

    I'm sure I entered the captcha code correctly but it still tells me that either my Id, password or captcha are incorrect.

  14. cc hourai yang manis..saya aku coba download dari link di atas tapi kok hanya launchernya aja yah..apa ada yang salah?? isinya cuma 5.7Mb bukan 2Gb an..terima kasih cc hourai

  15. cc aku udah ikutin caranya dan udah bisa masuk ke log in windows,tp patchnya lama sekali trus tiba2 berhenti padahal koneksi bagus..ini kenapa ya?

  16. Sorry because I'm too busy this past week.

    @lux: My answer is pretty much the same as my answer to Akizuki, can't help much if you can't enter ID/pass since it's yours.

    @Anon#30Sep: Kamu bisa login, trus putus dulu vpn nya trus lakukan patch pake koneksi non VPN

    @Viseashers: Gw nda tau adanya manual patch, rasanya sih nda ada, klo mau download dari link yang gw kasi di beberapa post sebelumnya, dari situ tinggal 2-3x patch mentok. Alternatif lain, coba ikuti solusi yang gw kasih ke Anon#30Sep

  17. aduh saya kok udah bisa log in ke IE dan pas mau klik start game nya ga keluar apa2 ya. ada solusi ngga itu kko hou? dan ga disuru install apa2. thx 🙂

  18. Harusnya ntar km disuruh install di IE nya.
    installannya bukan keluar box gede suruh install sesuatu, tapi cuman popup di atas ato bawah IE minta install, model popupnya mirip ma popup apakah mau jadiin IE default.

  19. nanya gan, ane ud coba masuk vpn ad tulisanya disconect eror 734 the ppp link control was terminated

    gmn yah solusinya ?

  20. hourai-san,

    aq uda ikutin cara" yg ad di blog^ koneksi inet jg lancar tp knp ya pas login di game nya selalu login time out terus, pdhl vpn dah aktif @_@..

    ad solusi??

  21. @anon yang dapet error 734: menurut windows sih itu crash sama koneksi dialup mu yang lain (?) gw nda pernah kena yang masalah ini. Km pake modem/network yang pake dialup juga kah?

    @fajar riyanto: jelasin detail "ga bisa" nya kenapa, klo cuman bilang ga bisa aja gw nda tau masalahnya di mana.

    @mochi fuku: vpn nya sudah pake tsunagarumon? soalnya kalo login timeout artinya emang udah vpn/proxy, tapi vpn/proxy itu ditolak sama eco jp nya.

  22. ^ ia uda pake tsunagarumon, dah ganti ip yg baru juga, tp masi ttp aja gbs login in game ampe skrg.. T_T

    aq jg cek ping web ecojp pas vpn aktif jd RTO terus, bingung @_@

  23. Sorry for being horribly off-topic, but can I ask how much the Shop Points cost IRL? And if I plan to sell (through gift) IM for in-game G, do you have any idea what general ratio between Shop Point and G should be fine? o3o

  24. hourai-san

    aq ud ikutin cara" yg ad di blog^, koneksi inet jg lancar tp knp ya pas login di game nya, login time out trs.. @_@ pdhl VPN uda aktif

    ad solusi??

  25. @lazy: I can't determine the price/gold for it since we're closed on our community, as you know.
    If it's myself, with 5000 coin, buying 6 quest count, I can get around 27 mil, so per coin at least should be higher than 5000G, possibly 10000G, that was just me though.
    for normal price, i'm using this service :
    Since Most of us here either don't have japanese address, or not having CC to buy, you may sell whatever you think it's worth.
    I personally sells it for 17 IDR/ coin, so i take no profit from it, just helping ppl along.

    @mochifuku: Wah nda tau klo gitu @.@ biasanya klo dah disetting gitu harusnya pasti mau masuk. en web econline harusnya isa diping (, kalo nda isa, artinya either km salah setting (ntah di mana) ato provider km ngeblok. Koneksinya pake apa?

  26. ^ koneksi pake spidi paket 512kbps, buat browsing lancar" aja, tp ketika vpn aktif = rto gbs buka apa2 lagi T^T …

  27. @mochifuku: punya gw pake speedy lancar2 aja kok @>@ jangan2 kamu ada yang salah setting
    @brianov: kok bisa kesulitan @.@ quest khan banyak jalanin aja terserah yang mana yang km bisa

  28. @Vulcanz: Waduh nda tau klo gitu, secara yang lain juga nda pernah trouble kyk gitu @>@
    @Galih : it's pretty much the same, use chrome's built in "inspect element" then "edit as html"

  29. om hou… tolong kalimat yg ini
    "Please note that you're playing this illegaly, don't use english/indonesia on open chat if you (and the rest of us) don't want to get banned it's okay to chat using english/indonesia in party consisting indonesian/whatever which you know, but not in open, you'll get banned and most possibly drag us along like thailand accident before."
    tolong pndahin ke atas aja, soalnya kbanyakan orang bca cman sampe cara selesai doang, sisanya gk bkal di bca lg
    biar enak gtu loh pas main :v
    thanks be4
    -mimi from unknown world-

  30. what's with error 619? T___T reconnect berulang" tetep ga mau,ditunggu beberapa menit juga ga mau..anyone knows? please help~

  31. hou, ada solusi buat update versi 348 ga? coz list updatenya gede bgt


    by :nowaki

  32. kk hou, setelah klik game start, muncul message. messagenya aku klik ok, lalu yang muncul malah blank hitam

    apa spec komputernya yan kurang ya?

  33. kk hou sy ada masalah pada tutor di bagian edit html
    disitu pertama tulis gini add [value='whateverthecaptchasaid'] there directly after "<input " dan pada tulisan warna merah tulis gini YOU MUST WRITE value="captchacontent" YOURSELF. jadi sebenarnya yg rus dimasukin mana?
    ini contoh syntax yg dah saya coba tapi ga muncul:
    <input [value='whateverthecaptchasaid'] type="text" dan
    <input value="captchacontent" type="text".
    apa ada contoh sytnaxnya?

  34. @hour :
    oowh,, kira sy pas kita masukin itu tar otomatis terisi sendiri, rupanya bukan y
    jadi bagaimana dgn sy yg buta bhs jepang untuk isi captchanya??

  35. ce Hourai numpang tanya habis masukin captha kok tulisan nya gini terus :


    perasaan gak ada yang salah ~~

  36. Cc nanya nih, pas udah masuk Login Window, mau masuk ga bisa2, ada Notice tapi bahasa Jepang gitu.
    Ini terjadi setelah Maintenance barusan. Ada hubungannya sama Koneksi ga yah?
    Thx before~

  37. cc hou g wajib kan download serangga apinya? copas dari wikipedia aj bisa kan? (maksudnya g perlu edit skript langsung copas aj)
    Direct x nya wajib download c?

  38. Looks like Hangame manage to block tsunagarumon from accessing JpECO…

    I got a 'country validation failed' page when I try to start the game after logging in my account there despite I'm connected to tsunagarumon…

  39. what should I do with the language? all npc speak japanese, and most of them using kanji. is there any english translator for the npc or something like that?

  40. @Hourai
    Yea… my bad, maybe it's something with the settings.

    Kizu.. try to at least learn hiragana and katakana, it might not help much but it's better than being not able to figure out what certain words are.

  41. BTW, anyone knows what's the downtime for

    Sometimes I couldn't connect to… not sure what's wrong.

  42. Sadly i dunno the pattern's downtime is flooded with too many people -and some ppl use it to download/streaming, not only playing-, I even heard some ppl use this vpn to bypass speedy (indonesian's provider) ban on forbidden page such as pr0n site . This caused the vpn to lag pretty bad as of late.

    In that regard, i'm already moving to other vpn provider with almost no lag + no dc time.

  43. Btw Hourai-san, between Lupinus, Clover, Freesia and Zinnia, which one is the most recently opened server with less people? Thanks.

  44. kk mau tanya donk, aku kenapa ga isa masuk game nya ya??? smuany dah bener, login di gung ho ny jg bisa.. pas game start ga kluar buat update nya…
    n pas instal game ny emank ga ada folder data ya??

  45. hourai san, mohon pencerahannya… pas klik start ak ga kluar tampilan eco knp ya???
    trus pas instal eco itu emank ga ada folder data ya??? sankyu~

  46. @anon 21 december: use wikipedia, look for katakana page, copy paste the letter from there

    @anon 26 december:
    If i remember correctly, you will start to download the data folder after installing it,
    if you use older installer, you got the data page already.
    If you can't open the launcher, then something wrong with that.
    Note that you must open IE from the given shortcut/eco_launcher. Directly opening IE and login from there won't open your launcher.

  47. cc Hourai vpn yg cc pake apa ? Tolong bagi ya ce soalnya vpn yg ngelagnya ga ketulungan haha :p tolong ya ce, trims ~

  48. Hourai-san, I did as u mentioned above until the "Setting up the VPN" part and I already set up the VPN.
    However, when I tried to connect with the VPN, it's said "No Network Access"
    Worse, when I tried reconnect the VPN, it's said "Internet Access", but i can't open anything, not even
    Can you help? thx before

  49. @anon: try it again after 10 minutes or so
    and if you use tsunagarumon using [] I don't think you'll get any trouble as long you don't hit the disconnect mark.

  50. Actually, I already used tsunagarumon for a month (around November),
    then that problem suddenly appeared…

  51. @anon: Can't help you with that @.@ mine still fine so it might be your provider's fault if you can work it out previously

  52. @Bounty:
    tiap file (misal: itu besarnya maximum 10 megabyte, jadi kalo km download yang part lain cepet tapi part ini lambat, mungkin km stuck. klo downloadnya terhenti progressnya, coba download ulang ato kalau terpaksa baru pakai manual patch.

  53. sy ada masalah di pngisian captcha nih kk. padahal dah tulis value="whatevercaptchasaid" at value="captchacontent" di edit HTML di firebug tp tulisan jepangnya gk mncul2 jg. mohon pencerahan >.<

  54. Kak, ini aku udah pake VPN udah bener juga pake yang tapi kok gak pernah stabil ya? Bahkan buat buka google gak bisa :O Apa masalah providernya?

  55. @bounty: kemungkinan besar vpn mu salah setting? setelah patch manual update servernya sudah dikembalikan yang benar blon?

    @anon 30/31 maret: klo nda bisa connect google sekalipun, artinya saat setting ada yang salah, ato memang nda nyambung ke vpn sama sekali

    @nightshroud: maksud gw di baris warna merah itu, tulisan jepangnya itu km tulis sendiri ke value="?????" itu, bukan magically keluar di situ.

  56. Kemarin-kemarin udah bisa kak ini VPN ny, tapi sekarang error lagi.. Jadi 1 menit pas awal nyalain VPN bisa connect, di menit kedua langsung gak connect sama sekali sama internet :O Ada solusi gak kak?

  57. @anon: gw coba sih baik2 saja, harusnya klo km nda utak atik koneksimu nda mungkin sih tiba2 rusak, maybe tsunagarunya down.

    @muzakki habiburrahman:
    1. internetmu kurang kuat, jadi keputus di tengah-tengah, klo masi kesulitan coba ikuti guide ark:
    2. pake chrome bisa, pake windows IME juga bisa, terserah km mau pake apapun boleh.

  58. cc Hourai, mau nanya nih. Kira kira bakal langsung ke banned ga kalo login tapi lupa connect vpn? ato ke bannednya nunggu level besar :O jadi takut nih.


  59. @Brian: selama kamu nda tolol2 amat (ngomong di publik, cari masalah, dkk) harusnya km nda msalah deh. So far anak2 yang gw kenal (temen se ring etc) nda ada yang pernah kena ban.

  60. @uesugi: harusnya sih di bagian game account tool ada fitur reset id/password coba km buka pake google chrome translate.

  61. tanya dong. kok pas udah klik eco launchnya kan di direct ke IE ya, tapi kotakan ijo yang sebelah kiri buat login ga ada. kaya error gitu

  62. @anon: kadang emang suka gitu akhir2 ini gw juga nda tau kenapa
    1. coba refresh ulang kadang sembuh
    2. pake alternatif lain, misal, pake tsunagarumon.

  63. @ruddy kudou: ga bisa
    untuk eco, semua data dialog disimpan di server, bukan di client, jadi patch translasi tidak dapat dilakukan

  64. @ruddy kudou: ralat dikit
    klo nama item+ penjelasan bisa dibuat patch translasi, tapi klo npc dialog nda isa

  65. sy mau nanya, sblmnya sy sudah lama bisa connect.. tapi tiba2 kemarin kok muncul tulisan ini ya,
    Error Description: 691: The remote connection was denied because the user name and password combination you provided is not recognized, or the selected authentication protocol is not permitted on the remote access server.
    itu kenapa ya?, mohon pencerahan . makasih 😀

  66. @anon: id/password vpn salah

    entah kenapa tsunagarumon akhir2 ini nda isa online, gw pake cara vpngate/wtfast sekarang

  67. Hi,
    I'm playing ECO JP for quite some time now and I just wondering if is it possible to multi-client in ECO JP like those good old days in ID and MY/SG…?

  68. @anon:
    yes, but look for it yourself though, i can't really give you the the duals data.
    You can either hex the client, or use the plugins (this one is more recommended than hexing)

  69. @anon:
    Nope, I can make a guide but because of gungho's policy, you need to have Japanese phone number before you can fill your coins to buy lottery.

    That said, if you are living in japan, or have someone in japan who's willingly use their number to help you, I would make a guide for it.

  70. CC Hou saya ada masalah saat mau masuk ke Client de asobu, ada notif seperti ini 「ゲームの起動に失敗しました。ガンホーゲームズのFAQをご覧ください。」Saya baca di FAQ nya suruh reinstall, tapi saya sudah berkali2 reinstall tetap keluar notif yang sama … tolong ditanggapi

  71. @koppent:
    gw nda pernah ngalamin gituan, sorry >.<
    1. km "reinstall" itu maksudnya gimana? download client dari awal? copy punya temen?
    2. udah coba run as admin?

  72. @anon: in zinnia we have おおかみの子供達 ring (i partly belong to that ring), i think there's 1 or 2 more english speaking guild but i completely forgotten which one.
    i'm not sure bout other server, unfortunately.

  73. the guild members are usually in either east bridge, or south bridge (if you're starting out things, east bridge is the place where there's a lot golem selling this, that connects to the first hunting field)

  74. gw mau tny nih.. download master eco jp ny dmn yah?? perasaan dulu eco jepang master ny 1.3gb.. sorry kal sotoy, tp emang bener'' lupa ane.. hehe tolong di replay yah 😀

  75. pake download client yang di atas (part 2 guide gw). sekarang sistemnya eco memang diubah, pake installer exe super kecil, ntar download full gamenya dari sana.

  76. numpang tanya, di bawah tanggal lahir kok selalu ada tulisan gini ya


    udah di masukin tanggal nya tapi ga ilang2

  77. Hello Hourai! I have a question, last few days my friend DC-ed and he reconnected back without using VPN and it's possible. I wonder if it's safe to do that?

  78. @anon 6 january:
    sorry, never get that error 🙁 try to reinstall maybe?

    @anon 13 january:
    it's been like that for 1-2 month, and i dunno whether it's safe or not. I'm not pulling the chance though, better play it safe.

  79. sorry if this is out of the topic, but can I join your ring? I've been playing for a while, and it would be nice if i have a ring, because its kind a bored to play alone. thx 🙂

  80. I'm not a ringmaster or some sort actually 😐
    However, i can introduce you to ring i belong for, which is english speaking, if you want (ookami no kodomotachi) or i can talk to other ring which speak indonesian (if you're one). Just reply here and i'll get you back later

  81. that would be 蓬莱エテルネェ in zinnia, That said, currently i'm busy, but just try to mail me and i'll catch up with you later.
    If you can speak indo, you also can go here: , they're bunch of ppl from indo who plays ecojp, you can either look around there and ask for ring membership, or whatever suits your fancy. 🙂

  82. ce hourai gmn caranya delete char eco jp ya?
    input passwordnya salah mulu 🙁
    pas ngedaftar kayaknya ga ada disuruh bikin pin 🙁

  83. Hourai Etealune, you mention your a member of English speaking ring, which server is that and what is the ring name?

    My last question is, does it matter if you use an English name for your in game name? I heard some rumours that you can be pick on it.

    Again, thank you for making the guide all over again. It really helps.

  84. 1. We're on Zinnia. The ring I belong to is おおかみの子供達, we usually hang around south bridge
    2. Doesn't matter, pick the name of your choice as long it's not insulting. The only one who'll pick you is just some random kid (which in any country, we have ppl like this), as far as i know, only 1-2 ppl are like this from the whole Zinnia, which is insignificant and you can just ignore them.

  85. hou tanya~, ini kenapa ya kalo saya mau login di IEnya pas di klik login malah ga pindah ke captcha, di klik terus malah disitu2 aja D:

  86. cc, saya ada masalah nih. Connect ke VPN udah bisa, terus buka eco launch bisa. Abis masuk, ngelaunch game, sampe di halam login muncul pop up window gitu bahasa jepang, terus ngecrash ECOnya, padahal kemaren udah bisa dan lancar. Kok sekarang gini? Terus, ada nggak cara buat ngubah bahasa di ECOnya? makasih cc

  87. cc, saya mau tanya nih, kalo misalnya muncul pilihan pas mau instal, yang satu ada kurung (A) dan yang bawah ada kurung (D), itu pilih yg mana dan bedanya apa? thx 😀

  88. @Ammal Chalifah: (A)ccept ma (D)ecline
    @Anon 28 Mei: mungkin file eco mu ada yang corrupt, en nda isa ganti bahasa, cuman ada bahasa jepang.
    @Anon 2 Juni: ga kenapa-kenapa itu gimana maksudnya? sudah keluar launchernya belum?

  89. ano, c hourai, aku kan dah lama register eco pake fb soalnya dulu main pake kalydo di fb, sekarang beralih ke client via Open ID, apa delete charnya ntar juga masukin e-mail? atau pake password? seingetku sih ga pernah disuruh masukin pin.


  90. @gunn grave: coba dicek settingan hide mu (ada icon kecil2 di bawah kotak2 inventory, 4 nda 5 biji), itu buat hide/show item2 tipe tertentu

    @anon 3 august: masuk ke control panel -> language -> change date/time format -> tab administrative -> click on "change system locale" and set it to japanese

  91. hello,hourai,sebelumny mngkin bsa sbut saia AnX` saja,maaf saya mau nanya nih,saya baru maau main eco lagi setelah lama pensiun(kira2 saga 7 atau 8 gitu) di ECOid,nah tentu dong satu2nya official kan cm ECOJP,nah saya mau main nih,langsung donlod dr web nya gungho,sebesar 3,1gb,uda instal,update (versi game 4.13) udah success tapi gitu2 aja gk gerak…diam aja gitu,padahal sisa kira2 15% lgi , kira2 begini

    ada solusi gk ya?btw ada kontak gk gan/sist hourai?biar gmpng gt komunikasi n tny2 ny 😀

    thx b4

  92. cece ini aku udah ngikutin smua yang ada di atas ..
    tpi wktu mau login abis klik start game itu econya ndak respon ._. tampilannya cuma putih gtu ..
    agak lama dikit trus keluar dari econya ..
    itu knapa ia ??

  93. cece ini aku udah ngikutin smua yang ada di atas ..
    tpi wktu mau login abis klik start game itu econya ndak respon ._. tampilannya cuma putih gtu ..
    agak lama dikit trus keluar dari econya ..
    itu knapa ia ??

  94. gw barusan coba, rasanya ada masalah dengan tsukuba, klo km pake itu pasti nda respon trus dc lagi, gw saranin pake vpn yang lain ato nda usah pake vpn (setelah login browser, matiin vpn nya trus klik start game)

  95. @rizki:
    Klo mau ngisi mesti beli web money voucher nya dulu (play asia jual)
    yang jadi masalah itu km harus punya nomer telpon jepang klo mau verifikasi, jadi klo km nda punya, km nda isa ngisi. Klo emang dah punya, ntar gw bikinin guidenya nda masalah

  96. @hardi tadayoshi:
    uh, isa jelasin lebih lanjut? klo cuman bilang "vpn nda bisa connect" gw nda isa bantu, km pake metode yang mana? trus nda bisanya itu dimananya? connecting nya gagal terus ato bisa connect trus nda nyambung inet ato gimana?

    sorry @.@ gw nda terlalu banyak kenalan orang freesia, klo zinnia se ada mayan banyak ring

  97. hm.. ini masih bnyk indo yg main ga? klo ad, di server mana?
    also ign dong buat yg bisa di contact (klo ad yg reply ini) orz

  98. 認証に失敗しました。

    bang ini gmn pas udah isiin captcha malah install button ga pop up

  99. cc saya kok launcher gamau muncul ya? apa karna plug in yg harus di download pas di IE gak nongol? tolong bantuannya yaa, terimaasih ^^

  100. sorry baru baca @.@
    @anon: iya, harusnya plugin nya muncul keterangannya, en harus di iyes in dulu
    @kenneth: dari keterangan bahasa jepang di atas, ID, password, atau captcha yang km masukkin salah

  101. i always got crash when playing game the line already good but still when loading the texture then the game automatically off by itself if i played a couple minute

  102. that's strange.. maybe you need to reinstall your game? what's the error said? if you can provide me with the screenshot of crash message, i can help you translate it

  103. [NEED HELP]
    Malam, Hourai Ini kenapa ya Internet Explorer saya selalu tidak bisa membuka website ECO, setiap saya menjalankan Launcher ECO langsung terhubung ke Internet Explorer dan tidak memunculkan tampilan website ECOnya, Interne Explorernya sudah saya Reset dan Turn Off tetap masih sama, tapi jika membuka website yang lain itu bisa, Thx.
    Ini Tampilan IE nya

  104. mungkin ini pertanyaan udah diajukan beberapa kali.
    tapi kalau sudah in-game tulisan Jepangnya kotak-kotak itu masalahnya di mana ya?
    padahal yang microsoft IME udah dilakukan.


  105. I can open game. (I'm using Windows10). I open in IE, but I can't go to another place, I'm just in the 1st NPC in the air… And the japanese letters don't appears, only squares in the place… I already tryed everything, but didn't works.

  106. for japanese letter, you need to set your pc to use japanese unicode.
    if it's windows 10, then access control panel -> [change date, time, or number formats] -> [administrative] = [change system locale] -> pick japanese(japan)

    and there's a few quest that's required by the npc, i forget the exact procedure, but you need to either open navigation, equip new given equipment, or raise your str to 10

  107. Halo kak Hourai 😀 mau tanya, ini window ECO nya bisa dibuka, tp kok ada notif yang krg lebih bilangnya 'gak bs nyambung ke server' terus ya? Padalan udah gak maintenance, notif window nya yg gagal konek ke server itu tadi gak bisa di tutup pula x"D BGM nya jalan tapi window ECO nya kaya crash gitu :") pake softether aku xD thanks b4!

  108. ka hadi,nick nya di freesia apa? ak mau add nih, :'v dr kmaren maen slalu solo jd rada sedih klo ga ada kenalan

  109. @akari: errornya gimana dulu km bilang "ga biasa jalan", tolong detail in ato kasi video singkat.

    @jeremy halim: Klo beli hp mungkin dipaketin sama nomer soalnya di sana itu lock ma provider, tapi nomernya nda isa dipake di Indo yang jelas. jadi km nda isa beli hp jepang trus dipake di sini nomernya.

  110. kak hourai, saya udah jalanin step" di atas, terus pas nekan tombol game start, aplikasinya nge-crash, tulisannya "Emil Chronicle Online has stopped Working. A problem caused windows the program to stop working correctly"

    ini solusi nya gimana ya? 🙁

  111. kak mau tanya kenapa ya aku updatenya udah full tapi gk berubah jadi start sama gk bisa pencet apa2 kecuali exit apa harus tunggu lama atau emang error? respond ya makasih

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