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Disgaea DS

24 September 2008

I got my copy of Disgaea DS just a few hour ago... without wasting more time, I immediately play the game.

disgaeads1 disgaeads2
The first 2 minutes on game... and the look on how the battle is.

First Impression: The opening is, same as the 1st Disgaea, which is just expected, since this is the remake of the first disgaea of PS2. I'm a bit dissapointed because unlike the previous release, they don't insert the option to change the language into japanese. Normally i won't play this game since i already beat the PS2 one, but since Pleinair is coming out as playable character(I'm a fan of her), I will play this game until get bored again (hopefully, until I managed to beat Prinny Baal...). Oh, and I have my own rules on playing NIS's Title, that is, I will never use my main character at all (so yeah... leave it at level 1 without exp), I managed to do that with the other games(Disgaea2, Phantom Brave), I dunno if can do that with this one, in case Laharl are needed to have a certain level to unlock something.

Not bad so far...just have a nostalgic feeling of it. I also think that it may become a good time waster on my 1-week holiday. As for now, my top priority is to get Pleinair and to unlock anything that's not available in PS2 release, such as ending, weapon, etc.


~Hourai Etealune~