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From My Friend

02 October 2008

Yesterday one of my friend is going to Malaysia. He got a scholarship there and he said he will take major in animation & graphic design. When I ask him how much it costs to live there He said it's just as much as Surabaya, so I think it's not really that hard to live there (for most of us Indonesian, living aboard is a pretty expensive thing).

Before He goes there, He give me these items, since He said He don't use it anyway.....

nerv onetwi
The left one is Katsuragi Misato from Evangelion, and the right one is Shidou Haruko from Onegai Twins

Okay, I'm horrible when it comes to taking photo, so spare me from that (and my halogen lamp set is missing, it seems someone throw it away when i was gone... so, I can't use any lighting at all...). As you can see, Katsuragi Misato one is -sorry- an extremely cheap item, He said He got it as bonus when he bought candy in Hongkong (dunno which brand he's talking about), and for Shidou Haruko, He bought it from kotobukiya, it's supposed to be a set of character, though, but He only get that one. I get both for free XD, so I won't give any complaint or whatsoever but Thanks.

As of now, He should have arrived there..... well, good luck for him there, I'm not sure I can contact him anymore though, since it's most likely that He will change his HP number. I myself is still on the holiday break in my hometown. I have no internet connection here, I'm writing this on my friend's PC.


~Hourai Etealune~