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Disgaea DS... Part two

10 October 2008

Sorry that i can't write lately, I'm in the middle of mid semester test >.<

Anyway, about disgaea DS, I already spent a few hours playing it... and as i thought.... nothing changed from the old disgaea, with few add-ons, like prinny commentary

See prinny at the upper monitor? I really love how he talk

and of course, My pleinair <3.

pleinair2 pleinair1 progress1
Pleinair, Her lv1 stats, and Her prinny replacement

As you can see, ridiculous speed, great hit, and very decent for all other stats. She's very strong, and the enemy will likely miss a even She is against enemy that's double of her Level....

Which is why i don't use Her... I love Her to be a strong character, but the downside is... Nippon Icchi has made Her too strong to the point that I have no interest on using it due to it's uber powerfulness... I don't really like a game that's too easy to beat.I stopped using Pleinair at her lv 500.... the point which I decided that She's too strong to be used any further

pleinair535 hourai00
My Pleinair, and my Hourai, an archer, which I currently use.


~Hourai Etealune~