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Satsuki Yuasa (Action Figure)

07 November 2008

After a few week of waiting i finally get my Satsuki Yuasa action figure from Rainbowten. This is a really old item (2003), the game itself has been published in 28/11/2003. This one is made from resin.
Why i bother looking for it? Well, I'm a big fans of Satsuki Yuasa. She is the main heroine in the Routes, a Visual Novel developed by Aquaplus. This was one of their unpopular game, so i highly doubt you ever heard about it. Regardless that, I have bought almost everything that related to it.

Satsuki Yuasa

I'm using Rainbowten since that's the only official place I can found that sell the figure (and no... I don't use eBay) This is the last one there, too (other companies have alreday been out of it years ago). So this is the item when I first opened it.

The box.

Manual and Photo

DSCN2821 Main item, 17 parts

Uh, yeah, it's doesn't come painted, not even ready to be painted, actually... I must do everything myself. Unfortunately, my hobby kit is in Malang (including the airbrush, etc). So, the most I can do here is preparing it so that it can be painted when I come back to Malang. Cutter, Nail Clipper, and Sandpaper would suffice to prepare it before painting.

I'm thinking about using enamel for painting this, or Acrylic, if I'm forced to do so (using Tamiya Color enamel or Tamiya Color Acrylic respectively). The manual actually included which color do I need to mix to paint it. Unfortunately, no more specific mention of what kind of paint did it use (how the heck i know what color is "character skin color 1" or "character skin color 2"?). luckily, I can use the unused part (ex: frame) to test it before I start to fully paint it.

While it seems it's inconvenient to paint it myself, I sometimes prefer the unpainted one like this. It gives me the freedom of what kind of color did I like to use, shading, detail, etc. I'm bad at painting eyes though, and I think I will need a 0.1mm brush point to paint that accurately.

And I don't exactly have time to polish it. There are too many works to be done.... T_T


~Hourai Etealune~