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Audiophile-Id's Gathering for East Java region.

29 March 2009

This week is the last week before mid-term exam. I have many things on my mind, aside from many assignment that makes Me get inadequate sleep (sleeping at 3 in the morning, wake up at 6). Anyway, even though I'm quite busy, I, fortunately, get a chance to attend the audiophile-id's 2nd gathering for East Java's region. Audiophile-id is an Indonesian's audiophile forum specializing in headphone audio(Just imagine it as smaller version of Head-fi, for Indonesian).

So what do I listen there... well, several cans,IEMs,and Buds, which mostly a good one (and a bit pricey as well, 100$++ for each pair of it, might sounds very expensive for non audiophile), but fortunately I'm not getting attached to them, well, except iBasso D2 Viper amps.

Audio Technica A500
Audio Technica A900
Audio Technica EM7 GM
Crossroad Bijou #2
dbE HF30
dbE PR18
dbE PR20
Sennheiser HD414 , Kimber Recabled
Sennheiser HD555
Sennheiser PX100
Ultimate Ears Super fi. 5 EB
Ultrasone Proline 750
Westone UM1
Westone UM2
Yuin PK2

Cardas Mini2Mini
Cardas LOD with BG caps

iPod Classic 160 Gb
iPod iMod Video 5th gen
iPod Nano 4th Gen
iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen
iPod Video 5,5gen
Sandisk sansa Clip
Sony Walkman NWZ-A726F
Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F
Zen Stone plus

Fiio E5
iBasso D2 Boa
iBasso D2 Viper
DIY Desktop Amp

Aside from my own rig.. which is
Sennheiser MX160(earbuds), dbE PR18(IEM), Etymotic ER4S(IEM), Zigis CMoy amp w/ OPA2134 (Amplifier), FiiO E3(Amplifier).

I'm quite impressed with the D2 Viper, which sounds extremely good when paired with my Etymotics. To said, that's far more better than my own Zigis amp. On the other side, other members claims that my Zigis is far better than Viper. Well, in my etymotics, Zigis cuts off the detail which I'm looking for, while adding more bass (This is not the case for their fullsize, It's just the etymotics that's really sensitive in detail, OPA2134 in Zigis supposedly give more detail, but when your cans have higher standard than that, it will just cut off the detail)

Members of East Java Reg. Including me.



Westone UM1

Westone UM2... This is pretty darn good.

My Etymotic ER4S and D2 Boa, I'm not impressed by this amps, lacks the power&detail

Yeah I know, there's many cans that you thought are better than my ER4S, but it's really down to personal taste. I'm not even interested in Proline 750. People who likes Zigis above is a perfect example of this. I'm considering to get D2 Viper for myself, my friend got it for less than 100$. The problem is that I don't have that much money to spend yet, and I can't find it as easily as other items. That's it, if I can't afford this before July, I think I will make amps myself (might be CMoy, or PIMETA, if I can find place where I can buy the parts, PPA is out of my ability).

For now, it's exam!!!!! I will take 4 exam straight without break this Tuesday (Software Engineering, Numerical Method, Artificial Intelligence, and Database).


~Hourai Etealune~