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Reinforce Zwei - Alter

07 April 2009

Well, after waiting for many month, I finally get this item....

Reinforce Zwei, 2nd batch of production

Well, blame Sonicver2 and his review for poisoning me to buy this.
I rarely bought some real figure because... well... I don't have any space to spend for these girl. It might be okay if I'm on my own house, but now I'm renting a room on some boarding house (I'm not originally from Surabaya). Adding more Action Figure to my room is pretty much same as adding more mess in my cramped, small room.

Previously, I'm almost losing hope of obtaining this Figure, but on some certain day last year, Sonicver2 notify me that Reinforce is going to be re-published. I immediately wake up, leave my bed, and making a pre-order.

Meanwhile, I'm also glad that I miss the first batch of production, in this batch, they improve the painting, most noticeably on her cloth

This is my unit, the previous batch have coarser painting on her cloth lining

That's for it, other than the painting it's more or less the same item.

PS: I never noticed this but, I think will get a tripod because... Damn, I DO need one sometimes.


~Hourai Etealune~