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Marionest Tips 01: Equipping Your Weapon of Choice

29 December 2011

Starting from now on, I'll sporadically adding some tips for marionest, mostly for MAG variant, since that's what I am.

First and most important thing we should care about is of course, our equipment. We’ll need an equipment which we can use and have M.Atk stat embedded to it, which bring us to….

ss20111229 005601

[Iron Fan]…. Which have 45 M.Atk.

This weapon kinda lacking in M.Atk. Also, there’s an*idiom that said “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, while we looked at other job’s weapon, [Book of the end] 91 M.Atk, that alone is enough to rival [Iron Fan +9]. It can be used with gardener brooch, so we may as well test it.

ss20111229 005801


ss20111229 005902

It’s worse

The problem lies in the bonus job, as with marionest, we have +14 MAG, and gardener +1 MAG, that 13 MAG penalty is more than it’s worth for weapon.

There’s a way to “Trick” it, though….

  1. First, call someone which have gardener brooch on herself. Don’t make a party with her

ss20111229 010636

  1. Set it to self possessing at her brooch

ss20111229 010836

  1. Take it, so your job is now gardener

ss20111229 010846

  1. Set your desirable weapon (and armor and shield, if you prefer)

ss20111229 010910

  1. Take instance dungeon quest, whichever’s fine

ss20111229 011606

  1. Enter the ruins portal, remember, you must not in the same party with your possession.

ss20111229 011653


  1. Your possession should be left out outside the ruins, your job reverted back to marionest

ss20111229 011715

With a book on your hand as bonus

Now you can go out from ruins, equip any other thing if you wish, as long you don’t remove your “incompatible” equips and/or gardener/breeder brooch. Remember that you can only do this trick with equipment that can also be used by Gardener, no weapon/equip for 99+ for you, but nevertheless, it’s far better than using iron fan for your life to 110

Meanwhile on the outside…

ss20111229 011736

That's for today's tips, if you have any question or comment, feel free to ask.

PS: "It's not a bug; it's an undocumented feature!"


~Hourai Etealune~