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A (Lazy) way to train catty's M.Atk

06 January 2012

As you all might know, to train pet's Matk is by letting it cast some kind of skill.

This is not a big problem (well, maybe big) for people who have skill to command their pet to cast skill, but definitely a problem for one who dont, especially when dealing against catty.

Pets will only cast skill to you autonomously if you're getting hit by something, or at least being aggro'ed by monster, if it's not on battle condition, it will not help you at all.

There's a way to "bot" catty so it constantly cast it's skill to you. What you will need is a Cabalist/necro with Fanatic Shadow skill. Here's the step to do it:

1. Find an object, it might be a tree, box, or rock, as long it's not monster, it's ok. Don't use farmer's cultivate, since it'll die in 5 minutes.

ss20120106 232711 copy

victim found

2. if you use necro for training pet, skip this step, otherwise, posses one who will train the pets.

ss20120106 232810

3. *do not let the pet out yet* cast Fanatic Shadow to the object

ss20120106 232946

4. It will attack you at berserk state, again, do not draw out your pet for now.

ss20120106 233006

5. Wait until berserk state is gone. If it's gone, you can let your pet out.

ss20120106 233037

6. You'll be constantly in battle mode, while your catty is there to heal you.

ss20120106 233203

Since inanimate object don't normally attacks, it will not attack your catty, on the other side, catty will not attack it as long she's not getting attacked. Your catty will just constantly support you without touching the object.

*this method won't work on Anzu who have counter as it's support, and Kurumi&Wakana since it has circle blast support*

You may leave your character at this condition for night or more, just be careful with some passing stranger that will kill the object.


~Hourai Etealune~