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Marionest Tips 02: Marionette's special feature

16 January 2012

For marionest, Marionette system is crucial for battle but sometimes, it's more than just "more stats and added elemental armor"
Several marionette have special feature that prevent damage loss from special weather like cold, The game didn't say it, but it's hinted by npc Elina (if you read one, anyway)

Damage loss prevention will enable us to set golem at place where it's usually impossible since your hp is drained every 5 second you try to log off. For example:
Electell will prevent hp loss in dead mine B3F
Salamander will prevent hp loss in volcanic area
Icee will prevent hp loss in north area/north dungeon
Insmouse will prevent hp loss in continental cave/submarine cave.

And more than that, there's some marionette that can also completely nullify certain attack. For example, both Veril and Icee can completely nullify poison swamp. This skill commonly used by Alcid and hurts quite badly if you get hit by one. I have no explanation why this can be done, but maybe because they have flying attribute.

Well, enough talk more action

Notice that I get no damage when I used my marionette, in the end, when I remove my marionette, I get instantly killed by the swamp (orz).


~Hourai Etealune~