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Marionest Tips 03: Dealing against reflection

30 January 2012

This video has been in my Youtube channel for a month, but apparently, I forgot to put it in my blog

My friend, Seto, asked me where to hunt after level 100 for Marionest Mag. He worried about enemies that have reflection skill.
Actually, for Marionest, reflection skill isn't something to be feared of. There's several way to disable it.

First,  just waste a single king to remove it. If a marionette king is reflected, it won't reflect back to the user, instead, it will be reflected to the king itself, so you won't get any damage by doing so.

Second, just let marionette summon do the job for you. I see a lot of people take this skill lightly (or even forget this skill exist) because it's considered weak skill that no one care to take.

The video will demonstrate how to use marionette summon to aid you in removing reflect. When summoned, Marionette summon will continuously cast magic to the enemies. If the enemies have reflect on them, using summon will make summoned marionette act as sacrifice to remove the reflection status (well, not really sacrifice, since it will reflect 0 damage due to elemental attribute). This will allow you to damage enemy several times before summoned marionette die.

PS: Sorry about bad video quality, seems that it's a problem with the Youtube encoder. It plays fine on my PC.


~Hourai Etealune~