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Tips: Raising your pet's stat easily

27 May 2012

Well, an update after quite a while.
Several people have asked me how do I level my pet. Of course, there's many method available, and I love to keep some of it myself (I'm not that kind to give out all my secret :D).

ss20120523 221001

Today I will talk about how to easily raise your pet's stat. What you need is:
1. Life size chocolate (yes, this is not trash, it's shame people throw it out not knowing how to use it)
2. cabalist with Fanatic Shadow, Dark Weapon, and Shadow Blessing
3. "carrier", whoever is fine, we just need someone we can possess to, it's used to reserve cabalist's MP. The carrier must not be your breeder, since your breeder must always sitting to preserve HP which is absorbed by pet.

The trick is similar to my previous thread:  about how to raise catty's matk

please note that you must do the following in order, failing at the order of action will cause you lost the life size choco which is quite precious.

1. Go to farm, we will conduct the training there.

2. Search the patch who have around 5 or more plant grouped together

ss20120527 090854

pictured above: 7 plant grouped together

3. set the life size choco somewhere around the group, it's better if you can make a good position out of it. I reccomend you locate it in the side, with your pet in the center

ss20120527 090920

 Example of good placement

4. Order your pet to attack the choco first, this way, it will supposed to attack the choco until it's dead, without touching the plant around it.

ss20120527 091152

5. Cast fanatic shadow to the plant around the pet and also the choco. Important: Keep your distance, which is the maximum distance of fanatic (around 5 panels) so that they target the pet, not you

ss20120526 055932

Cast it as to enemies from as far as possible,

Cabalist inside Carrier should cast it

The breeder who bring the pet should just sit.

6. After they are cooled down from fanatic shadow, You will get 1 choco + 5 or more plant attacking your pet continuously.

7. All that's left is to make the choco didn't die too fast. for this, just cast dark weapon on your pet, and shadow blessing on the choco. then the damage will be always 1. This way, the choco will last for quite some time. DO NOT CAST SUPPORTIVE BUFF UNTIL ALL PLANT HAVE RECOVERED FROM BESERK STATE

8. Optional: you can cast speed enchant + wind aura (pet delay cancel) to speed up the process, be aware that this step will consume your choco faster though.

ss20120523 220949

Using this method, I usually able to get 2 pets to full HP using single life chocolate, assuming there's no one disturb you in process. Also, each pet only need about half a day (12 hour-ish) to get around +1700 hp. Do note that you can't leave your pet until it has a total of 1000 hp or so, because even all damage is 1, your pet can't regen fast enough until it have 1000+ hp.

Well that's it for now. Life size chocolate are pretty good items. It's quite a shame that people waste that out for some useless thing like showoff or something.


~Hourai Etealune~