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Any Jobs (?) Can Hunt at Abyss

12 July 2012

Well this one is not really guide. Just my concern about hunting in abyss nowadays. With fighter type build, literally *anyone* can hunt at abyss. In this example, I went hunting with my friend. A sorcerer - spelluser intended for using magic, taking up a laser blade and hunting at abyss Jedi style.

This is due to the previous bug (?) I posted on earlier days about how to use any equip on any job. With this literally any job can equip sword, in this example, laser blade. One of the most important thing in hunting at abyss is that you need to use delay cancel. With this bug, you can use high leveled other job weapon, and the possession will take care of the rest.

My concern about this  : will all the job degraded into agi type fighter build, even for spelluser to hunt to lv 110? At this saga, abyss is the best place to look for exp (as long you can bear with the crowd), I tried this with my friend using this build, and the exp is whopping 13% per 2 hour at lv 107 on a party of 3 (theoretically with 2 ppl and 110 hitter, you get around 12-13% per hour at lv 100++ ). Next saga will unlock south and glacial dimension dungeon so hopefully this will open a new hope for spelluser build (as I'm already disappointed with dimension dungeon of this saga) 

That's it for now, I may not updating much due to my workload, but am planning to add a few things later, I already have the material, but never get around to edit and write it.


~Hourai Etealune~