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Carmine Brick Desert Map

25 August 2013

Kinda ignore this post, since this one is especially for my friend(s) who get lost in the desert part of Carmine Brick (カーマインブリック 砂漠) , who just opened recently

 *i'm too lazy to make diagram just for 1 person. This screenshot will do enough justice o3o.

Basically, you start from the beach, from there, you will get thrown into a desert who seemingly endless if you mess up with your move. This is actually kinda correct, since if you go to single direction, you will be looped back to the previous block. The Desert is actually consist of 9 maps in 3x3 formation, with the same looking terrain, but have different monster, and a landmark such as camp in block 4.

If you're lost, You can kind of guess where you are by going checking the monsters and or simply go east/left until the maps make sense. Sand worm can spawn anywhere in 9 areas, so it'll be tough to look for him. Regarding monsters, ghost and mummy will only appear at night (obviously). The game will rotate in the order of 4 days - dusk - 4 night , just go back and forth the portal if you want to get into night/day according your preference.


~Hourai Etealune~