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How To Create Multiple Account on Single ID in ECOJP

22 September 2013

I made this guide because this is the second time i've heard someone accidentaly delete their account because they want to add a new account. For the sake of god, please don't touch any of the menus if you don't know what you're doing.

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As always, pic unrelated.

There's a few steps you need to do to create a new account, the steps are fairly simple, but if you mess up, you might accidentally delete an account. Once lost, you won't be able to retrieve your account ever again. I'm not sure mailing GM will do any good, since you're deleting your account on your own accord. You have been warned that once it's deleted, it's impossible to retrieve it back (ゲームアカウントを削除後に、復旧等を行うことはできませんので、あらかじめご了承ください。) You can try, but the chance are next to none.

Anyway, move on to the "how to" part of this guide:

  • Login like usual, on the bottom of the login sidebar, there's a button called "game account tool", click on that one.

screenshot 18 08 2014 17 40 28 081814 054936 PM

  • There's a bunch of button there, to create a new account, pick the one marked like the picture mentioned below, the others are for buying coins etc (please don't touch any other button than marked below, except you know what exactly what you're doing and it's consequences). If it's not clear enough, the text is "ゲームアカウント管理" screenshot 18 08 2014 17 41 16 081814 055009 PM
  • You will see one or more account there, it's your account. the button located exactly below your id is the delete account button, if you accidentaly click it then click ok, well, tough luck. the gray button beside ID is to rename your account, and to create new account, it's the button below the account group list, marked with arrow in picture below. screenshot 18 08 2014 17 41 40 081814 055102 PM
  • the last page is to enter a new account name. Just enter the name of new account and submit it. screenshot 18 08 2014 17 41 55 081814 055146 PM
  • That's all, after the creation, you should see the new account name on the dropdown selection. I don't know how many account you can make, but at least 5 is possible (as i have that many account) screenshot 18 08 2014 17 58 58 081814 060018 PM

That's all. Once again I remind you, if you don't know what you're doing, please don't do. You might make yourself on the risk of account deletion, or account ban, whichever, which is not good in any way.


~Hourai Etealune~