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Japan Phone Number Verification for ECO

20 November 2013

As you guys might know (or might not), for everyone who tinkers with billing system/information - which is primarily used for buying coins, you are subject to gungho's phone verification which starts on 17th of December. The most obvious workaround is to ask Japanese people you know (or anyone who live there) to verify it for you.

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However, not everyone have friend in Jp which force them to either abandon their ID to create a new one or retiring. There is a way, though might a bit pricy, to make your id verified. You can contact/mail a char named 敏郎 in Zinnia to verify it. Of course, it's not free. He ask for 50 million gold (zinnia) or USD 15$, whichever you can afford to save your ID. You can mail him or whisp him if you need his service (please write in English).


~Hourai Etealune~