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Future of this blog

31 July 2018

It has been almost one year after the closing of Emil Chronicle Online. Truthfully, I am still sad about the ending. However, whatever happens, happens. With the game being closed, this blog can no longer serve its primary purpose, which is to write guides for my friends (gaijins which cannot speak Japanese, in particular) and some other random stuff.

ss20140801 212056

As always, this picture have nothing to do with actual content.

One of the last pictures i took before the game closed.

That being said, I am no longer play any game, with exception of some mobile games. As for now, there is no game quite like ECO and I don't plan to play any game seriously until there is any decent replacement. That's why I plan to repurpose this blog to worship Hourai become my personal blog which covers these following things in no particular order:

  1. Hourai
  2. More Hourai
  3. Even more Hourai
  4. Coding (from Web programming to Game programming, whichever I worked at the time)
  5. Reviews (mostly peripheral and/or new gadget/tech stuff)
  6. Design/Modeling (3D modeling, in particular)
  7. From time to time, I will rant here when I feel like it.

There will be no fixed time when I will publish something, but I do plan to keep this blog alive. As the first step, I already move the server from Blogger to WordPress, mainly due to the availability of plugins that I will need to fulfill that purpose (I need those syntax highlighters, at the very least).

That's all for now. As of now, I am busy with redecorating both the main page and this blog. Since I only have time in the night after work, it will be a sporadical update at best, but I ensure you that I will try to consistently improve this blog and my site in general. This site is where my Hourai resides, and I will not let it dies and becomes one of the dead corners of the internet.


~Hourai Etealune~